Graphic Design and Printing Resources

We recently found Renourish ( From their site: “Renourish is a resource for the graphic design industry. When green design is usually discussed, most people think of buildings, products or even cars, but what about packaging? Shouldn’t magazines, business cards, brochures and websites be green? At renourish, we’re helping to start the conversation on green graphic design by providing defintions, tips, and links to sustainable resources designers can use to make their work a little greener.”

While Renourish is an excellent resource for graphic designers, it is also a resource for those of us that require graphic design. I’m a big advocate of graphic design and using graphic designers. They are experts in clear and inventive communication from way-finding (signage) to brochures and on and on, visual coding is an important part of an effective communication strategy. Reframe that as a marketing strategy and you’ve got why we think this is going to be a great resource for you an your practices. If you’re looking for sustainable choices for printers, papers, inks and so on, please check them out. We’ll put a link up and you’ll always have a way to find them.