What we do

What are we offering to the community?

The CSPA’s activities include the following programs and initiatives:

Research & Publications

We publish, electronically and in print, associated research in this field  to reflect the myriad ways in which sustainability in the arts is discussed, approached & practiced.

  • CSPA Quarterly
  • Special Reports
  • Anthologies

Tools & Resources

We provide carbon calculation and reporting tools for and cultural organizations to record, measure and understand their environmental footprint. We also share free courses to cultivate community learning.

  • Creative Green Tools Canada
  • Department of Utopian Arts & Letters
  • Climate Change Theatre Action
  • CSPA Community Network
  • Resources & Tools Catalogue


We offer comprehensive consulting services, which can include tailored guidance on sustainability strategies, climate change preparedness, and resource efficiency. Utilizing the Creative Green tools, we assist organizations in calculating and reporting their carbon footprints, enabling them to understand and reduce their negative environmental impacts and support them in increasing their positive impacts.

Our services include in-depth research, educational resources, and specialized guidance to foster sustainable practices within artistic and cultural institutions.


We organize convening that gather industry leaders, educators, Indigenous Knowledge Keepers, students and the general public to share ideas and celebrate innovations in the sector.

  • Fireside Chats
  • Convergence
  • Creative Climate Leadership


We highlight, share and amplify the reach of our network’s projects, initiatives, and programs.

  • Open Calls
  • Newsletter