Field Guide to Renewable Energy Technologies

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This month the Land Art Generator Initiative released a free Field Guide to Renewable Energy Technologies. The first edition handbook will likely serve as a useful resource for artists and anyone else interested in a clean energy future. LAGI makes special note that “some of the more interesting examples that may be applicable as a medium for public art installations are the translucent thin films which can be flexible and offer interesting hues and textures, piezoelectric generators that capture vibration energy, and concentrated photovoltaics, which allow for interesting play with light.”

The second edition (scheduled release unknown), will include pros and cons, lifecycle carbon costs, and more detailed diagrams of the technologies.

Rebecca Ansert, founder of Green Public Art, is an art consultant who specializes in artist solicitation, artist selection, and public art project management for both private and public agencies. She is a graduate of the master’s degree program in Public Art Studies at the University of Southern California and has a unique interest in how art can demonstrate green processes or utilize green design theories and techniques in LEED certified buildings.

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One thought on “Field Guide to Renewable Energy Technologies

  1. Jodam Allingam says:

    Hi, forgive my lack of coherent approach here but I am from the old school where artists work in seclusion and some times give up through lack of support. I am basically looking for support in order to complete a couple of projects.
    1. I have a proposal for lowland/island renewable energy generator enabling use of wind/solar/hydro as well as fish farming all in one and guaranteed to work 24/7. It needs to be financed and set into motion before the sea level rises. Am prepared to share and discuss.
    2. As a Pacific Islander, I am an expert dugout canoe builder. As an artist and concerned environmentalist, my concern for trees are such that I have devised a method of building a plastic dugout canoe using pvc plumbing pipes and fiber glass matting, which will improve as well as change local islanders mentality for canoe building. Thus, saving tall trees and forests. I need financial and marketing support to basically market these ideas and more.
    3. I carve marble as a medium and have so many ideas to exhibit so potentially, I could raise all the funds myself but I do need your help.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Jodam Allingam

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