APInews: Sachaqa Offers Eco-art Studios in Peru

Want to take part in an international eco-art project? The Sachaqa Art Center is building an Eco Art Village in the heart of the Amazon jungle, in Tarapoto, Peru. “The main aim is to build a creative community where painting, music,writing, sculpture, ceramic artists can find inspiration from the natural environment and each other,” says English artist and Sachaqa founder Trina Brammah. The Center is currently located in the village of San Roque De Cumbaza, Lamas; studios there cost $200/month, including kitchen, accommodation and shared studio space. Sachaqa is in the process of building a new center near the village, designed to use ecologically friendly materials and renewable energy sources, using an Eco-Dome Plan designed by architect Nader Khalili. They invite participation in the building process as well.

via APInews: Sachaqa Offers Eco-art Studios in Peru .