Open call – Mustarinda 2024 residencies

MUSTARINDA ARTIST / WRITER / RESEARCHER / GROUP RESIDENCIES 2024Open call from 18.9.2023 Working periods: SPRING:2 weeks from January 15.1. – 29.1.20241 month periods February – April AUTUMN: 1 month periods October & November. 2 weeks from December 02.12. – 16.12.2024 Application deadline: 22nd October 2023 The Open Call welcomes all manner of practices, mediums, practitioners,

GUAPAMACÁTARO ART & ECOLOGY – Winter residencies

Overview Our program has been around for 17 years, being one of the first residencies worldwide to focus on Art and Ecology. We grant space and production support for people who are doing innovative work worldwide, across the arts and sciences.  Eligibility We accept applications from artists of all disciplines, designers, architects, curators, writers, art

Opportunity: Zealous Amplify Environment contest

Amplify is a contest designed to celebrate the most impactful works related to environmental themes. Why focus on the environment? Our world is ever-changing, prompting numerous questions and discussions about our role within it. From the beauty of nature to the complexities of climate change, we want to explore it all. By recognising and sharing

Conscient Podcast: e130 fiction – what stories do you want to hear?

a quote from robin parmar about speculative fiction raises some questions (bell and breath) I love the sound of leaves dancing on hard surfaces.  (sound of a leaf blowing) It’s poetic and kinetic and you’ll see in a minute how this sound relates to this episode about speculative fiction.  With his kind permission, I will

Julius Lindsay & Syrus Marcus Ware talk about Climate Justice

Tuesday, Sept 5 Webinar, 12:00 – 1:00 pm ET // Informal Q & A, 1 – 1:30 pm ET With Julius Lindsay, Director, Sustainable Communities at the David Suzuki Foundation and co-founder of the Black Environmentalist Alliance, and Syrus Marcus Ware, Vanier Scholar, visual artist, activist, curator, and educator. About the event Understanding the connection between climate

The Future Within Us

How do you envision the future? What aspects of that world are already here? The Future Within Us kicks off our 5th Climate Change Theatre Action festival with original short plays that grapple with a changing world. Join us in person in New York City or online for this funny, poetic, and poignant evening of

Creating a tipping point for radical change

On 8 August 2023, CCS Director, Ben Twist, spoke at a Climate Co-Lab event hosted by Edinburgh Science – ‘Co-creating a sustainable ecosystem for tourism & cultural events’. This blog is a slightly edited version of his provocation along with some post-event notes. There’s a risk here that we are fiddling while Rome burns. I’ve

International Human Rights Art Festival Festival Submissions

Submissions Open! No submission fee for the upcoming: Fifth Annual International Human Rights Art Festival December 4th – 10th, 2023 @ The Tank – 312 W 36th St., New York, NY 10018 Submissions Window Open: AUGUST 1st – OCTOBER 1st, 2023 Results announced by October 15th, 2023 Looking for work around the following activist concerns, though

Glasgow’s Creative Climate Futures project

Communities across Glasgow are invited to take part in Creative Climate Futures, a new project to support local climate action over the next two years. Creative Carbon Scotland is working on Creative Climate Futures with project lead, sustainability charity Sniffer, and partners Community Land Scotland, Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector, the Scottish Communities Climate Action Network and Glasgow City Council. Between now

Living on the Edge: what I learned from attending IETM’s annual plenary meeting

In June 2023 our culture/SHIFT manager Lewis Coenen-Rowe travelled to Aarhus, Denmark for the IETM (International network for contemporary performing arts) annual plenary meeting. Aarhus, which is at the same latitude as Edinburgh and Glasgow, was sunny and warm as I walked over to attend the opening keynote talk at the Musikhuset. In fact, Denmark

Q39: Border Ecologies

This issue explores borders as ‘a unique and specific place which is instrumental to the definition of globalization, integration, territorialization and reterritorialization’ (Nicol and Minghi 2005: 687) alongside the ecologies of landscape and community. It seeks to expand on geographies of (im)mobility and socio-spatiality through the reflections, processes and visions of artistic and community work

Climate-themed events at Edinburgh festivals

Creative Carbon Scotland’s selection of arts and sustainability events at the Edinburgh festivals in August 2023. The busiest time of year in the capital of Scotland is almost upon us, and the excitement is palpable. Throughout August, Edinburgh welcomes up to 400,000 people, to experience the magic of the numerous festivals taking place across the

Conscient Podcast: e129 world listening day – what does world listening day mean to you?

This content is also available in / Ce contenu est également disponible sur: Français (bell and breath) Every July 18th is World Listening Day. It’s also composer and acoustic ecologist R. Murray Schafer’s birthday. Rest in peace Murray.  Now World Listening Day 2023 proposes three very interesting  listening prompts and I’ll try to answer their questions

Guest blog: Cleaning up your digital carbon footprint – with Neuto

We’ve recently become much more aware of the negative impact our website and social media activities have on the planet. We asked Natalie Whittle from Glasgow-based climate tech startup, Neuto, to give us some more information about digital carbon emissions and why it’s so important that we reduce them. To use the internet, you need

Conscient Podcast: e128 revisited – what does decolonized listening sound like to you?

(bell and breath) (movement 1 of vancouver soundscape revisited, eagle) You’re listening to the first movement, eagle, of my 1996 soundscape composition, vancouver soundscape revisited. I describe the piece in the program note as : For example, you can now hear the ubiquitous sound of rain in Vancouver, a distant train whistle, bird song, the

Ecoscenography Masterclass: 8-9th August, Edinburgh

The masterclass introduces the notion of Ecoscenography merging ecological design thinking and stage design to create engaging work which reflects and impacts the current world, especially in relation to climate change and social justice concerns. We will explore both theory and practical ways to take responsibilities for what and how we create theatre and collaborate

Conscient Podcast: e127 halfway – towards what are you halfway?

Note: the podcast recording was improvised based on this script and therefore has additional material. This 127th episode of the conscient podcast marks the halfway point of season 4, which, as you might recall, is called Sounding Modernity and explores what modernity might sound like, how it affects us and what we can do about

Retooling Green Tool for Theatre in Africa

Wednesday 19 July 2023 Taiwo Afolabi presents the conversation Retooling Green Tool for Theatre in Africa livestreaming on the global, commons-based, peer-produced HowlRound TV network on Wednesday 19 July at 9 a.m. PDT (San Francisco, UTC -7) / 11 a.m. CDT (Chicago, UTC -5) / 12 p.m. EDT (New York, UTC -4) / 7 p.m.

Our Anthology on Yale Climate Connections: The Future Is Not Fixed by Chantal Bilodeau

We’re thrilled to share that our CCTA 2021 anthology, The Future Is Not Fixed: Short Plays Envisioning a Green New Deal, was recently featured in the article “Books to help you stay inspired to fight climate change” on Yale Climate Connections. Thank you Michael Svoboda for mentioning us! You can get your copy of the book here or

CCTA 2023: Announcing Our 50 Playwrights

They hail from Brazil, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, India, Korea, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, United Kingdom, and the United States, and represent several Indigenous Nations. Meet the 50 playwrights commissioned to write the plays for our Climate Change Theatre Action 2023 collection:  Javaad AlipoorKlae BainterKeith BarkerNicolas BillonChantal BilodeauWren BrianManjima ChatterjeeKaren EliasNathan EllisKendra FanconiAngie FarrowAnnie FurmanJustine GarrettEmma