Entanglement project in 6 continents

Artist: Alessandro Zannier Cameroon Pavilion – 59th International Art Exhibition of VeniceInternational conference “ENT PROJECT – 6 CONTINENTS” 59th International Art Exhibition of Venice  Cameroun Pavilion – Palazzo Ca’ Bernardo Molon, San Polo 20186 – Venice On Friday 1st July 2022 Start at 18.00 – End at 19.15 – Talk 30 minutes – Performance 30

Elisabeth Condon: Beautiful complexity – Two Coats of Paint

June 21, 2022 Contributed by Sharon Butler / To understand Elisabeth Condon‘s paintings, it seems important to know that she grew up in California in a highly decorated house where she spent hours staring at the wild patterns of the fabrics and wallpapers. The experience certainly informs her exuberant paintings, in which pattern, flower, landscape all

Emma Hislop – UNKNOT

Join us on Friday 1st July from 6pm to celebrate the opening of Emma Hislop: Unknotan exhibition of new work and Hislop’s first solo presentation. Unknot showcases Hislop’s use of her multi-disciplinary practice to explore her perspective of the world as an assortment of unique connections. The exhibition showcases her fascination for approaches and methods

Member Spotlight – Mierle Laderman Ukeles

This week we recognize the work of artist Mierle Laderman Ukeles. In 1969, Ukeles wrote Maintenance Art Manifesto 1969! Proposal for an exhibition, “CARE,” a manifesto in which she examined her position as an artist and mother. She sought to challenge the domestic role of women by reframing herself as a “maintenance artist,” including household activities that keep

Member Spotlight – Lenore Malen

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT June 6, 2022 This week we recognize the work of artist Lenore Malen. Malen is a New York based interdisciplinary artist, who in 1999 invented The New Society for Universal Harmony, a fictional re-creation of an 18th century utopian society. Since she has used the lens of history and humor to explore utopian longings, dystopic

Tree Talk: Artists Speak for Trees

Thursday, June 23 United States: 10:00am PDT, 11:00am MDT, 12:00pm CDT, 1:00pm EDT Europe: 19:00 CEST Australia: 3:00am AEST, Friday, May 27 Hannah Chalew, Hings Lim, Paula Pedrosa, Barry Underwood The entanglements of a forest are vast, complex and mysterious. Today artists seek to understand and express the interconnectedness of trees with all living beings. Members included in the

Art ON Fire

Thursday, June 16 United States: 10:00am PDT, 11:00am MDT, 12:00pm CDT, 1:00pm EDT Europe: 19:00 CEST Australia: 3:00am AEST, Friday, May 27 Aviva Rahmani, Michael & Heather Llewellyn, David Paul Bayles,Frederick J Swanson, Sam Hitt Over 300,000 acres have burned in New Mexico over the last two months, in the Spring no less. In this Zoom event we will hear from members

Apply now for Creative Climate Leadership Canada Aug 1-5, 2022

We are happy to announce that the CSPA has partnered with Julie’s Bicycle (JB) to host for the first time in Canada the Creative Climate Leadership (CCL) program, with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.  Since 2017, JB along with multiple partners have been offering intensive training opportunities to creative leaders from

Tactile Reality Check: The Hidden Lives of Everyday Objects with Ruth Tabancay

Member InterviewBy Olivia Ann Carye Hallstein Ruth Tabancay is redefining the meaning of renaissance artistry as both a scientist and a textile artist dedicated to environmental awareness work. Using objects that largely exist in excess in her life (used tea bags, plastic medical waste, Styrofoam) she seamlessly blends traditions in textiles while heightening topics in

Member Spotlight – Dominique Mazeaud

This week we recognize the work of artist Dominique Mazeaud. “The Great Cleansing of the Rio Grande (above) was a seven-year performance I began in 1987, my heart calling to speak and act through the intention/attention-filled gestures of ritual. Once a month, I walked the river’s bed and banks doing a literal and symbolic cleansing. The

Member Spotlight – Reiko Goto and Tim Collins

This week we recognize the work of artists Reiko Goto and Tim Collins. Goto and Collins embrace an ecosystems methodology, collaborating with a range of disciplines, communities and other living things. They are interested in the ways that art and imagination contribute to practical wisdom and democratic discourse about ethics and human values. The work primarily

Fragile Rainbow: Traversing Habitats by ecoartspace – Artspiel

Art Spiel Reflections on the work of contemporary artists Posted on May 23, 2022 by Art Spiel Fragile Rainbow: Traversing Habitats by ecoartspace Featured Project: with curator Sue Spaid The group show Fragile Rainbow: Traversing Habitats at the Williamsburg Art and Historical Center in Brooklyn includes paintings, sculptures, videos, and installations addressing environmental issues by more than fifty artists from

The Age of Uncertainty

By Joan Sullivan Perhaps the most important text written during the two-week COP26 was a call to arms published on the last day of the international climate conference. It was written by the poet, novelist, and cultural activist Ben Okri. Okri’s urgent message was directed at writers and artists. Calling for “a new art and a new psychology”

Tree Talk: Artists Speak for Trees

Thursday, May 26 United States: 10am PT, 11am MT, 12pm CT, 1pm ET Europe:19:00 GMT Australia: 6am AEDT, Friday Andrea Bersaglieri, Yan Cheng, Margaret LeJeune, Mia Mulvey The entanglements of a forest are vast, complex and mysterious. Today artists seek to understand and express the interconnectedness of trees with all living beings. Members included in the online exhibition

Nancy Evans: Moonshadow – Brooklyn Rail

ArtSeen, Brooklyn Rail, May 2022 Nancy Evans: Moonshadow By Mary Jones The phenomenal supermoons of the past six years deeply impressed Nancy Evans, and in Moonshadow, Evans’s first show with Luis De Jesus Los Angeles, they serve as a powerful motif to consider our precarious, transient place in the universe. Of her seven large, radiant paintings, five are

Radical Propagations/Propagaciones Radicales – ARTFORUM

Critics picks ARTFORUM, May 16, 2022 Los Angeles Radical Propagations/Propagaciones Radicales March 21 – July 30, 2022 18th Street Arts Center (Airport Campus) 3026 Airport Avenue Guerrilla gardening, seed libraries, plant marches, and maintenance art come together in this touching and thoughtful group show on regenerative cultural gestures, curated by Mexican transdisciplinary artist Maru García in the

Representation Matters for Climate Justice

By Amy Brady This month I have for you something a little different. Rather than an interview, I have a transcript of a luminating panel that took place on March 22 this year. Co-presented by New York Women in Film & Television and the National Democratic Institute, this panel, called “Representation Matters for Climate Justice,” took place as

B/A Speaker Series: Greening the Arts Sector

You want your arts organization or project to be green, but you don’t know how to go about it? A great place to start is by tuning in to the Business / Arts Speaker Series next Thursday, May 26 for an introduction to the Creative Green Tools Canada with Devon Hardy. Join us on Thursday, May 26th, 2022

Halcyon String Quartet & Climate Art Best Practices

By Peterson Toscano Regular listeners know I feature artists who are using their art to explore climate change. Today, I feature Sophie and Josies Davis, sisters who grew up on the coast of Maine. After studying classical violin at conservatory, they became two of the founding members of Halcyon String Quartet, seeking to fuse their love

Tide Flowers at Domino Park in Brooklyn by Stacy Levy

Tide Flowers is a new site-specific water installation that registers the rising and falling tide on the East River at Domino Park. At the southern end of Domino Park, River Street, Brooklyn, New York, 2022 (Just north of the Williamsburg Bridge) Tide Flowers was created in conjunction with Fragile Rainbow: Traversing Habitats, presented by ecoartspace and curated by