Q42: A Myriad of Homes

What constitutes a house? It is an assemblage of a multitude; of social connections, of environments, of feelings, not limited to property and privacy. In fact, most homes, also more than human ones, are ecosystems themselves. The diversity of their nature becomes more and more apparent as we try to extend our understanding of what

Callout: Sanquhar Arts Festival to repurpose derelict buildings

Sanquhar Arts Festival 24-27 May in Sanquhar Scotland to repurpose derelict buildings and brownfield sites. For centuries homes around the world have been built from local materials, recycling to build the new from the old. Where transport remains difficult, buildings continue to prioritise local materials. As we become more aware of the carbon footprint of

Fifteen European cultural networks SHIFT Culture eco-certificate

A year out from beginning the pilot SHIFT Culture eco-certificate with European cultural networks, our friends at Creative Carbon Scotland (CCS) together with their auditing partners, Netherlands-based, Green Leisure Group (GLG), are delighted to announce that 15 networks have achieved certification with a further network working towards it. From CCS: Participating networks have worked to

Q41: Beyond Death

How do you imagine existence after you have taken your last breath? World cultures have speculated about the afterlife since humans first conceived of death. However, what comes after was, and remains unfathomable, inscrutable, and unknowable. Despite the proliferation of technologies capable of disclosing the secrets of the universe, death still lies beyond the grasp

Registration is now open for the 2024 ARTS & CLIMATE INCUBATOR

Registration is now open for the 2024 ARTS & CLIMATE INCUBATOR, taking place June 10-14 in New York City! The Incubator is a 5-day intensive for artists, activists, scientists, students, and educators who want to engage or further their engagement with climate change through artistic practices. Part think tank, part workshop, it brings together 15

International Seminar Modes of Production: Performing Arts and the Ecological Transition

Modes of Production – Performing Arts in Transition is a Research & Development platform that intercrosses the field of artistic studies with the hybrid field of arts management and creative production.Based at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies of the University of Coimbra (CEIS20-UC), it is the result of a partnership with the Artistic Studies Programme at

Self as Universe: Mending Our Collective Ecosystem Residencies at A Studio in the Woods

The climate crisis is an urgent global concern. Self as Universe: Mending Our Collective Ecosystem Residencies at A Studio in the Woods invite artists to explore the connections within our collective ecosystems and use the power of imagination to heal the wounds in the relationship between ourselves and our communities. Southeast Louisiana’s land and inhabitants are continually scarred by the effects

Reflecting on: Radical landownership, community and creativity

10 November 2023: We held a Green Tease at The Stove Network in Dumfries exploring landownership, land justice and the role of culture. The evening started with a shared community meal, giving attendees space to talk and get to know each other. Maja Rimer, our culture/SHIFT officer, introduced Creative Carbon Scotland’s work and highlighted that the climate crisis

New Climate Beacons projects for 2024

We are pleased to announce that we are funding three new projects run by Climate Beacons partnership in the first half of 2024, taking place in Argyll, Caithness and Fife. These projects continue to build on the previous work done by the Climate Beacons, which were originally established in the run-up to COP26 in Glasgow.

Reflecting on: Intergenerational climate justice and culture

11 October 2023: Experts in climate justice and creative climate education gathered at Leith Community Croft to explore what intergenerational climate justice is, why it matters and how culture can be a way of giving a voice to future generations. Children and future generations are at the forefront of bearing the burdens of the climate

Open call and commission: Kelburn Garden Party

Glen Arts are excited to announce the call for proposals for one commissioned artwork to feature at the Waterfall site on the Kelburn Estate. The artworks which fit the setting best are those that subvert audience expectations and respond to the natural setting playfully. The space that creates this magical alcove is vast and we

Open call: Burnieshed residency

A funded pilot residency for artists with a focus on ecology in Perthshire, Scotland. Burnieshed residency is a project in the making located in the heart of Bamff Wildland, a family-run rewilding project in North East Perthshire. Twenty years since beavers began unravelling and reimagining its waterways, the farmland has been turned over to nature. This

Open Call: Human-Nature Delegation to Malaysia/Borneo

The British Council Malaysia are calling for seven UK artists, arts organisation representatives, arts tech creatives, producers or curators to be part of a delegation visiting Kuala Lumpur, Sabah and Sarawak (Borneo States) over a 10 day period in March 2024. About this opportunity: The British Council has launched the new global programme Culture Responds to

Commission: artist for Glasgow sustainable neighbourhood envisioning

Loco Home Retrofit CIC are looking for visual output from neighbourhood envisioning workshop to be held in February in Glasgow. As part of a project funded by the Climate Engagement Fund, we are holding a community participatory envisioning workshop in South Glasgow on a date yet to be confirmed in February. The workshop will explore

Quarterly Archive: Reprints, Reflections, Readings.

This special issue of the CSPA Quarterly takes the form of an archive, which is to say it is an assemblage of past contributions that continue to feel particularly resonant. It is also an index of artistic and academic ideas, intended to create a resource with an expanded view of practice, noting artistic influences while

News: First ever climate song to reach UK iTunes No.1

Renowned Just Stop Oil activist Louise Harris moves from the streets to the studio, to release first ever climate song to reach UK iTunes No.1. ‘We Tried’ is a song about the climate crisis and what will happen if we don’t act. With Chris Packham calling for it to be this year’s Christmas No.1, Louise

Sustainability in Screen: Interview with Designer Alex Lord

From ecoscenography BY TANJABEER In 2023, the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) contracted Performance + Ecology Research Lab (P+ERL) at the Creative Arts Research Insitute, Griffith University to work with NIDA Course Leaders to embed environmental sustainability knowledge and skills in all NIDA degree programs (BFA, MFA and VET). The project aims to equip new

Culture collaborating to influence the public on climate change

How can cultural institutions collaborate and use their assets to influence the public? How do we tap into audiences and cultural partnerships to expand conversations around sustainability? How do we use our position as trusted messengers in society to engage the public meaningfully on the complex subject of climate change? These were some of the

CCS, researchers and Glasgow’s music sector team up to launch ‘Towards a Just and Green Music City’ initiative

Researchers at the University of Glasgow have launched a new initiative that aims to unite Glasgow’s UNESCO City of Music identity with the city’s ambition to become net zero by 2030. Creative Carbon Scotland and many of the city’s music businesses and organisations have collaborated on the initiative, which aims to identify what Glasgow’s music

Conscient Podcast: e145 bear – what do you think about grieving our dying planet and sitting with this sadness?

when I got up on September 25th 2023, while searching for my glasses in the dark, I touched a little mechanical bear (bell and breath) Vancouver, September 25, 2023.  You can hear the city in the background as I record this.  When I got up this morning, searching for my glasses, I touched this little