IFACCA – Mondiacult 2022 Open Mic

Calling artists, cultural professionals, arts organisations, networks, academia and all who care about the future of arts and culture – contribute to a global cultural policy dialogue and share your reflections on: one issue of most urgent concern on the sustainability and resilience of the arts, culture, heritage and creativity one action policymakers should take to

Eternal Forest by Evgenia Emets for The Empty Square

Editorial for The Empty Square (written January 2022) “Learning to live like a forest, to operate like a forest, running on reciprocity, on mutuality, could perhaps be a proposition for a healthier society, one that considers the well-being of other species well as important as its own. I am asking myself can we really learn this?

Earthkeepers CALL FOR ARTISTS – Deadline 9/1

The Earthkeepers Handbook: recipes and remedies for healing the land and ourselves Taking cues from the 1976 homestead handbook by Kim Abeles titled Crafts, Cookery and Country Living (background image), this fall 2022 we will assemble an ecoartspace “Members Handbook” for healing ourselves and the land. Get your favorite recipes ready for making art materials, concoctions, spells, foods, and

APASQ – And After/Et Après Conversations at World Stage Design 2022

These 10:00 am conversations during World Stage Design 2022 are a part of APASQ’s continuing exhibition recording industry professionals at international conferences. On the days of the recordings these conversations will be presented at World Stage Design (WSD) as a Cvent. There will also include bonus information at the end of the interviews informing WSD

Member Spotlight I Marietta Patricia Leis

This week we recognize Marietta Patricia Leis in Santa Fe, New Mexico and her series from 2019 titled ENGRAINED: Ode to Trees. “We’ve always known trees—they grow along with us marking our lives. Perhaps there has been a favorite tree in your life—one that you climbed, picked fruit from or one that defined your property from another or you contemplated outside your classroom window. Trees are special friends because they

Member Spotlight l Stephen Whisler

This week we recognize Stephen Whisler who began his journey of art and nature in the late 1970s. Above is his work Der Goldwald made in the Black Forest, Germany in 1979. “The Plant Works series (below) are photographs that I worked on from 1977 to 1980, documents of my private performances with plants. At that time I was

Q36: both/and

We live in times that are impure — confusing and compromised — and this requires contingent thinking and acting. What happens when artists get involved in complex, difficult issues, where different parties are involved and there might not be such a clear-cut right and wrong? Or alternatively, when the costs of ambivalence may be impossibly

Canada 2022: Creative Climate Leadership Participants Announced

About CCL Canada We are incredibly excited to announce the first ever cohort of Creative Climate Leadership Canada participants! The CSPA has partnered with Julie’s Bicycle (JB) to host for the first time in Canada the Creative Climate Leadership (CCL) program, with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts. Since 2017, JB along with multiple partners have been

Meet Rewilding Collagist Jennifer Gunlock – LA WEEKLY

Shana Nys Dambrot July 11, 2022 Jennifer Gunlock builds trees out of trees — well, pictures of trees. Her practice as a mixed media collagist enacts a mediated rewilding of compromised landscapes, chronicling and deconstructing the cyclical encroachment of human habitats on the arboreal realm and nature’s inevitable revenge. Captured at a moment of poise between

Member Spotlight: Mags Harries

This week we recognize the important ecological work of Cambridge (MA,USA) artist Mags Harries. In the 1950’s The Emerald Necklace, Fredrick Law Olmsted’s chain of parks following the Muddy River, was broken when Sears & Roebuck put a parking lot over one of its links. With that a portion of The Muddy River was put

Open call for FAYD Issue 002: lexis/axis

lexis/axis.Open call for Issue 002 [digital]. Language is a tool which determines thought, entrenches meaning and consciously controls. The meanings of language present themselves differently across modalities of individual and collective experience, through language contact and language acquisition. Geographical currents and fixed locations converse through language and, in equal measure, can be lost through language.

Open Call: Entangled Forest

Let’s tackle the climate crisis in an artistic way! We are Climanosco, a small association that wants to make the knowledge and possible solutions about the climate crisis accessible to everyone by connecting art and science. This time we focus on climate change and “Entangled Forests”. The call closes by the end of September. Impressions

Venice Biennale Eco-Art Review 2022

Thursday, July 21 United States: 10:00am PT, 11:00am MT, 12:00pm CT, 1:00pm ET EUROPE: 17:00 GMT  Australia: 4am AEDT, Thursday Khaled Ramadan and more speakers to be confirmed soon! This will be an incredible gathering of curators from this year’s Venice Biennale who are engaged with artists and current discourse on how art can play a role in decolonizing nature.

Member Spotlight l Gloria Feman Orenstein

This week we recognize Gloria Feman Orenstein. Orenstein is a feminist art critic, discoverer of the women of Surrealism, and a scholar of ecofeminism in the arts. Her book Reweaving the World (1990) is considered a seminal ecofeminist text which has played a crucial role in the development of U.S. ecofeminism as a political position. Essays include leading ecofeministscholars, poets,

Active Maps Between the Trees and Me: Katerie Gladdys Interview

By Olivia Ann Carye Hallstein Katerie Gladdys is an alchemist of disciplines dedicated to promoting awareness of community and environmental impacts. Many of her topics are everyday objects with big histories like how your orange juice arrived on your table that morning and the circumstances that have resulted from its cultivation. But furthermore, she uses

Member Spotlight – Beth Ames Swartz

This week we recognize the work of artist Beth Ames Swartz. Coming from a spiritual and artistic grounding rooted in an urban environment in New York, Swartz initially struggled with a feeling of displacement and disconnection when she moved to the desert environs of Arizona in 1959. Over the following decade, her art began to transition

Eco-anxiety workshop with / Atelier sur l’éco-anxiété avec: Wendy Greenspun

A conversation with a climate psychologist / Une conversation avec une psychologue spécialiste du changement climatique Mon, 18 July 20223:00 PM – 4:30 PM EDT REGISTER HERE About this event Despair, anxiety, frustration and sadness are some of the feelings that might arise from the fights against the ecological crisis and the social injustices of

Substance of Venom – Cherie Sampson

Submitted by the artist Substance of Venom by Cherie Sampson is included in the exhibition The Quality of Being Fleeting at 826 Currents gallery in Santa Fe through September 11, 2022. Description: The gardens, prairies, orchard, woodlands in the home environment where the artist, Cherie Sampson lives set the mise-en-scène for a series of self-administered honeybee “stinging rituals” over a period of

Bay Area Eco Artists: Where Art Meets Nature by Leora Lutz

By Leora Lutz This past spring has been a busy time for several ecoartspace members who live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Through intimate interactions with the land and with each other, they are making poignant and pivotal statements to help further the dialog about ecological trauma. Alicia Escott was one of four artists selected

Member Spotlight – Fern Shaffer

This week we recognize the work of artist Fern Shaffer. “My interest in science has always directed me to information about the environment. By recognizing how everything is interconnected, our society can avoid mistakes that will only come back to haunt us. It makes no sense to poison the water when we will ultimately be the