Artist callout: Transforming audience travel through art

Perth Theatre and Concert Hall and Creative Carbon Scotland are recruiting a creative practitioner to work on a new project exploring sustainable travel. Drawing on your own artistic practice, the role involves contributing to the overall design of the project, running a series of creative workshops, and collaborating with participants to document their journeys to

Virtual Book Launch – the future is not fixed

The Arts & Climate Initiative and the Centre for Sustainable Practice in the Arts invite you to the virtual launch of The Future Is Not Fixed: Short Plays Envisioning a Green New Deal. Featuring the 50 plays written for our Climate Change Theatre Action 2021 festival, and a series of essays, this anthology is our

Artist Open Call – The Gallery Season 3

The Gallery is a new kind of cultural institution without walls that challenges traditional models of viewing art. A major project, The Gallery exhibits contemporary art in public spaces traditionally reserved for advertising, to stimulate debate about the important questions of our time.    Launching September 2023, Season 3 of The Gallery will continue this mission,

SPRINGBOARD 2023: a short reflection

Creative Carbon Scotland’s Director Ben Twist offers some thoughts about how SPRINGBOARD went and what the next steps are. As noted in a previous what and why blog, SPRINGBOARD: Assembly for creative climate action, began on 27 February 2023. We held the four-day online assembly as part of the long-term, collaborative SPRINGBOARD project, which aims to

Opportunity: Climate Fringe Festival 2023

The Climate Fringe Festival will be back between 10 and 18 June for its 2023 edition. The Climate Fringe Festival is a community-led and community-organised series of events taking place across the whole of Scotland. It’s Scotland’s call for action on climate change, and will take place between 10 and 18 June. The Climate Fringe would love

Artist Report: Aphra Shemza

We are thrilled to share with you this very first Artist Report, which focuses on the work of UK-based multimedia artist Aphra Shemza. A natural extension of the CSPA’s exploration of sustainability and the arts in our publication the Quarterly, Artist Reports focus on a single artist and provide an in-depth look at their practice

Sustainability in Lighting Design

Join Ian Garrett as he explores environmental sustainability in lighting design. This workshop will provide participants with an understanding of the principles and techniques involved in creating efficient and sustainable lighting designs. We will discuss the types of lighting, the potential impacts of lighting on the environment, and the importance of energy efficiency. We will

Conscient Podcast: e112 listening – how can listening help?

Note : Une version en français de cet article est disponible sur : Français (various layered excerpts from my soundscape compositions throughout this episode) Conclusion 1 : we need to face reality and learn how to unlearn Conclusion 2: we need to develop and implement a radical theory of change through the arts Conclusion 3: we need

Call for researcher for NEMO report on climate policies addressing museums

The annual NEMO report in 2023 will offer an overview of climate related policies that address museums in Europe. NEMO will hire an external researcher to conduct and compile the research that will be presented in the report. Proposals from interested researchers are welcome until 31 March 2023. Following up on NEMO’s 2022 report on the

Conscient Podcast: Interview in The Charlatan Newspaper (March 3, 2023)

Combining sound and art, local podcast producer and retired music composer Claude Schryer is reinventing the podcast medium with the fourth season of his climate-themed podcast, conscient. In the podcast’s new season, titled “Sounding Modernity,” Schryer reflects on sounds in his everyday life. From the dripping of his tap to the heating system in his house,

Ecoart in Action: Activities, Case Studies, and Provocations for Classrooms and Communities

Ecoart in Action was published in 2022 and has now been featured in the e-flux Art&Education database.  The book captures the scope of issues that art and ecology intersects with – the first contribution is on the need for media literacy in relation to environment and politics, and the last is concerned with how to work with

Conscient Podcast: e111 traps – what are the traps in your life?

Note : Une version en français de cet article est disponible sur : Français (bell, breath and occasional balloon sounds) Me : Have you ever had the feeling that you were being observed? Observer : I’m observing you.  Me: Who are you and what are you observing?  Observer: Ah, well, I’m a part of you and  I’m

Conscient Podcast: e110 drain – where do your bathwater go?

Note : Une version en français de cet article est disponible sur : Français (sound of bath draining, at first with a strong oscillating rhythm followed by water flowing and silence) It goes down the drain (again) and into the sewer system to be processed and dumped into the Ottawa river, then it evaporates into the sky

Opportunity: Artist commission – Crichton Carbon Centre

Multidisciplinary residence/commission working alongside Crichton Carbon Centre researchers. The Crichton Carbon Centre (CCC) is seeking to commission an artist to create new work in relation to the environment of the Upper Blackwater of Dee catchment as part of our multi-disciplinary water quality research initiative, Water Cycle, part of our Peatland Connections project. Water Cycle has three elements:

Job: Freelance Project Manager

We are seeking an experienced freelancer with project management and arts engagement experience. Chrysalis Arts Development (CAD), is seeking an experienced freelancer with project management and arts engagement experience to contribute to our current programme of creative development work. This is an exciting opportunity to work as part of a highly skilled and collaborative team on

What is SPRINGBOARD and why are we doing it?

As this post goes live, so too is SPRINGBOARD: Assembly for creative climate action going live online for the first of four days of collaboration, networking and thinking with more than 200 cross-sector delegates. It’s an apt moment to remind ourselves, and you, what SPRINGBOARD is and why we’re doing it.  SPRINGBOARD is Creative Carbon

Conscient Podcast: e109 being – how can we listen through art?

(bell and breath) On December 19th, 2022 I read David Maggs’ Art and the Ouija Board? blog, as part of his Metcalf Foundation Fellow on Arts and Society.  I was struck by this section in particular: Like a Ouija board or a dowsing wand, art is the capacity to pay attention to the world in

Opportunity: John Muir Open – In Our Hands

Where do books go?Can you recycle, up-cycle or repurpose unwanted books? The future can be in our handsIn the beginning was the word. The invention of the Guttenberg press spread the word and was a catalyst for change and scientific progress. The books we read hold their own social history between the pages. Books develop

Creative Climate Leadership Canada (online) 2023: Participants Announced

We are pleased to share the full applicants list of who will be joining us for our Creative Climate Leadership (CCL) programme in Canada, online. The 4-month online programme is for arts and cultural professionals who want to take a lead on climate change, adapted from the CCL week-long residential course. What is Creative Climate Leadership?

Sustainable Theatre: Theory, Context, Practice (by Iphigenia Taxopoulou)

How does the world of theatre and the performing arts intersect with the climate and environmental crisis? This timely book is the first comprehensive account of the sector’s response to the defining issue of our time. The book documents a sector in transition and presents theatre professionals, practitioners and organizations with a synthesis of information,