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Introducing: Unsustainable Utopias by Meghan Moe Beitiks

Unsustainable Utopias is an exploration of the false promise of utopias and the human tendency to seek them out, build them up, and destroy them.

We will review failed utopias across time and cultures and examine the events that led to their various transitions into cults, militias, closed communities, tragedies or just discontinued projects.

This course is an exercise in learning from humanity’s most ambitious (and terrifying) mistakes– while remembering that we ourselves are human.

The course is a discussion of alternatives to utopias, based on research in community development and organizing, as well as the structures of inequity that inevitably inform even the most ambitious projects.

Together we will make a broken utopia based on the world’s worst mistakes and consider antidotes for the worst social poisons.

What utopias have you imagined?

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