Year 2 done!

As we mark the two-year milestone since the launch of the Creative Green Tools Canada program, we are happy to share that nearly 900 users have embraced the Tools platform across Canada. These diverse entities, spanning organizations of all sizes, as well as individual artists, have embarked on a crucial journey towards quantifying their emissions and taking climate action.

The CG Tools have been widely adopted by organizations across provinces and territories within Canada.

It is amazing to observe the diverse array of individuals and organizations within the arts and culture sector using the Tools. Among the Footprints documented thus far we have:

Thanks to the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts, this year we’re diving into research aimed at enhancing user experience and inclusivity, including:

  • Tailored tools for the publishing industry.
  • Expanded functionality for rural and remote users.
  • Enhanced transportation options for traveling artists & cultural workers.
  • Integration of Indigenous knowledge through language.

By adding your data, you contribute to the cultural community’s collective action on climate change.

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