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Summer 2012 Report: Hibernation and Ranger Tales

News from the LA Urban Rangers:

You haven’t heard from us in a while, as the Los Angeles Urban Rangers have been in relative hibernation since our Engagement Party residency at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA) last summer. Huddled together in the den, we’ve been busy whittling a new video about Public Access 101: Downtown L.A., expanding our virtual ranger station, reflecting on our active past, and imagining trails into the future.

We want to announce to you, our steadfast cohort, that we’ve decided to enter into a phase of temporary dormancy (i.e. you won’t see us out and about, at least in uniform, in the coming months), partly due to long-distance migrations and other exciting metamorphoses among our rangers. Rest assured, our spirit of exploration runs strong and we will keep you posted of any and all adventures ahead.

In the meantime, we’re eager to share several new tales about the Rangers that have appeared in recent months:

  • KCET collected over 30 stories from hikers on our L.A. River Ramble last August, which can be found on Departures. If you have any field notes of your own about experiences on the L.A. River, please let us know!
  • Amelia Foster reflected on our Critical Campout last September in the Fall/Winter 2011 issue of Public Art Review
  • Meredith Drake Reitan wrote a short piece about our Malibu safaris in David C. Sloane’s new book, Planning Los Angeles
  • Bill Kelley’s recent article for KCET’s Artbound is a thoughtful reflection on the topography and artistic climate in which we Rangers continue to explore.
  • Longer “external guides” about the Los Angeles Urban Rangers are expected soon and we will keep you posted.

As always, we enjoy hearing your stories of urban trail exploration! We’ll add your field notes to our Ranger logs.

Your Faithful Stewards,

The Los Angeles Urban Rangers


via Summer 2012 Report: Hibernation and Ranger Tales.

LA Urban Rangers final tours of Malibu Beaches 2/27

The LA Urban Rangers are wrapping up a three year Malibu Project to celebrate public beaches one last time. They are offering three mini-safari’s at 11am, 1pm and 3pm on Saturday, February 27th. No sign up and all are welcome to come along!

These tours are meant to share how to access these beaches peacefully, legally, safely and respectfully.


Happy New Year from the Los Angeles Urban Rangers!

We’re pleased to kick off 2010 on the homefront with two exciting exhibitions, coming up just around the corner:

  • Come see our work and that of other participatory based projects in Actions, Conversations, and Intersections at the LA Municipal Art Gallery at Barnsdall Art Park from January 24 – April 18, curated by Edith Abeyta and Michael Lewis Miller. The opening reception is Sunday, January 31st from 2-5pm. Check out this link for more events and weekly goings on around the exhibition.
  • Our Portable Ranger Station is winging its way back from the 2009 International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam en route to Tijuana! Stop by Performing Public Space, curated by Owen Driggs, at La Casa de Túnel: Art Center from February 6 – March 21. Leave your transit behind and just walk across the border. Other artists in the show include Fallen Fruit, Lauren Bon, and Jane Tsong, among others.
  • The new year promises new investigations as well. We are currently working with the University of California’s Institute for Research in the Arts on a major project for the UC’s Natural Reserve System, returning to the Netherlands next summer to build a field guide for our trail system in Almere’s favorite vacant lot, and continuing development of a series of programs for our very own Downtown Los Angeles.
  • Finally, thanks to support from the Coastal Conservancy, we will be wrapping up our highly successful Malibu Public Beaches program next month! The newly translated Spanish version of our informative map and guide is hot off the presses, and will be distributed throughout LA County and on the Metro 534 line, and of course, available on our website. Our very last public safari is tentatively scheduled for the last weekend in February. Stay tuned!

Ever onward,

Los Angeles Urban Rangers

The Last-Hurrah Malibu Public Beaches Safaris

The Last-Hurrah Malibu Public Beaches Safaris

Sat. Feb. 27 — 11am, 1pm, and 3pm

We’re wrapping up our 3-year Malibu project, and to celebrate our public beaches one last time, we’re offering 3 (three!) 1 1/2-hour free mini-safaris. No sign-up required. All welcome!

What: Are you tired of Zuma and Surfrider? Want to find and use the the 20 miles of public beaches that are lined with private development? Our safaris will equip you with the advanced skills necessary to find and use the Malibu public beaches legally and safely. Activities include signwatching, trailblazing the public-private boundary, and a public easement potluck.

When: Choose 1 of the 3 start times. Please do not plan to join mid-safari.

Where: Come to the public beach accessway between 22140-22126 Pacific Coast Highway (~.5 mis west of Carbon Canyon Rd. and ~1 mi. east of Malibu pier). Park on either side of the PCH (cross with caution), and walk through the accessway to the beach.  (Or take the 534 PCH bus!–nearest stop is Carbon Canyon Rd.– www.metro.net.)

Rangers should arrive (look for the uniform) at the base of the accessway at least 15 minutes in advance of each start time. If you arrive early, you can walk on the wet sand anywhere, and on the dry sand (at least 10 ft. from the houses) on the FIRST 4 PROPERTIES TO THE LEFT (downcoast).  Please do not use the dry sand upcoast or elsewhere.

Bring: Snack, water if you need it, sun protection, and extra layer or two (important!) for warmth.

Rain: If it’s raining, the safaris have been canceled. We’ll reschedule in the spring.

Please note: No bathroom available at meeting point–Try the fast-food restaurants just upcoast on the PCH.  Dogs, sadly, are not allowed on the beaches.

Hope to see you at the beach!
Los Angeles Urban Rangers

A downloadable “Malibu Public Beaches” guide is available on our website.

More Malibu Beach Safaris

Just in from the LA Urban Rangers mailing list: More Malibu Beach Safaris this summer. I wrote about going on one of these safaris last year, and highly recommend it.

Here’s the info:


The Los Angeles Urban Rangers announce:


Tired of Zuma and Surfrider? Want to find and use the other beaches in Malibu–The twenty miles that are lined with private development? These safaris show you how to find, park, walk, picnic, and sunbathe on a Malibu beach legally and safely. Each safari visits two different beaches. Skills-enhancing activities include sign watching, trailblazing the public-private boundary, a no-kill hunt for accessways, and a public easement potluck.

We are offering three safaris in east Malibu:

SUN Aug 2, 11:00am-2:30pm
SUN Aug 16, 9:00am-12:30pm
SAT Aug 22, 3:00pm-6:30pm

Safaris are free. Spaces are limited. To sign up, e-mail info@laurbanrangers.org w/name, # of people, and preferred date.

A downloadable “Malibu Public Beaches” guide is available at http://www.laurbanrangers.org/.

Hope to see you at the beach!
Los Angeles Urban Rangers


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