Train Artists

A Report from SFEAP

For those of you who haven’t been following the South Florida Environmental Art Project (a.k.a. SFEAP- with founder Mary Jo Aagerstoun, above), I want you to know that they are doing good things out there. They hosted a Symposium recently in Stuart, FL, and invited a few artists (Xavier Cortada, Betsy Damon and Michael Singer) who either live in or have worked in South Florida to speak about their work. I had the honor to give the keynote address and got to learn a bit about some of the issues facing that region and explore ways of encouraging the creation of new community-engaged eco-art. The key thing for me is their emphasis on a strategy to build up a movement, connect people and groups and train artists, as a useful model for other places around the world seeking to do the same. An organization worth following and supporting

Here’s me (and a few other interviews) from the reception at the end of the day (I’d like to thank the Academy and particularly thank my hairdresser…).

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