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Toby Smith Exhibition | theprintspace blog

During the harsh winter of 2010 Toby Smith spent three months in the Scottish Highlands beginning an ongoing project to document the renewable energy industry.

Above ground Smith captured dramatic panoramas, vast arctic-like scenery and alluring night images lit by the moon and stars. Below ground he explored hidden underground tunnels, engineering marvels and colossal turbine halls.

Now, for the first time, Smith exhibits a selection of his images from the initial phase of ‘The Renewables Project’ which celebrates the union of striking landscapes and sustainable energy structures.

Exhibition Opening Thursday Night! | theprintspace blog.

How to stay afloat in the welter of data

This is a cross-post from John Thackara’s Doors of Perception newsletter – one well worth signing up to:

[…] I’m reading a fantastically useful new book:
Sustainable energy – without the hot air. Its author, David McKay, Professor of
Natural Philosophy at Cambridge University, has responded to an urgent global
challenge: how to make sense of the conflicting claims and information bandied
about on all matters eco. The book is filled with insights like this one:
“Leaving mobile phone chargers plugged in is often held up as an example of a
behavioural eco-crime. The truth is that the amount of energy saved by switching
off a phone charger is exactly the same as the energy used by driving an average
car for one second”. Prof McKay desevres a Nobel Prize for Usefulness. I boughbt
the hardcopy, but you can download the book free:

Don’t be put off by the vileness of McKay’s site design, though.

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