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Tauris by Sarah Moon

tauris-image-with-black-1Sarah Moon’s new play Tauris will be performed as a staged reading at the Wild Project in New York March 16th and 17th.

She’s fundraising with Kickstarter to help cover the costs of production, rehearsal and publicity. This reading is an important step in the development of the play and I feel grateful to have the opportunity to workshop it with a great cast, director and music director before another revision and full production — Tauris has been accepted into the Planet Connections festival in June.

This play adapts the Greek drama Iphegenia at Tauris, mashing it up with sci-fi elements, contemporary issues and music to create a story that is adventurous, dramatic and sometimes funny. The play aims to address the challenges we face as a society and as individuals regarding a shift away from a one-way relationship with nature to real sustainability. The goal is not to preach or “teach the world to sing.” We’re well past the shaming phase of environmentalism, we’re well past believing in a utopian back-to-land fantasy. Where does that put us? This play explores where we’re at now relative to re-shaping our relationship to the earth and each other and the personal issues we face in coming to terms with the fact that no one of us can make the journey alone.

We’re raising $2,500 to cover the costs of production. Whether you can contribute $3 or $30 or more, it means a lot. And if you don’t have a cent to spare, but know some people who would be interested in supporting this project, please pass this along.



IASH Humanities and Climate Change lunchtime talks

This post comes to you from EcoArtScotland

February-March-April events in the series of Humanities and Climate Change lunchtime talks
All at 1pm in the IASH, Hope Park Square

Friday 11 February
Rachel Howell (Postgraduate, Centre for the Study of Environmental Change and Sustainability)
“Lights, camera…action? The impact of the climate change film The Age of Stupid”

Monday, 21 February
Professor Lorraine Code (Philosophy, York University, Canada):
“Thinking Ecologically after Rachel Carson”

Friday, 11 March
Dr. Fabienne Collignon (Postdoctoral Fellow of IASH):

Monday, 4 April
Professor Jeffrey McCarthy (English and Environmental Studies, Westminster College, Utah; Visiting Fellow of IASH)
“Mountain Climbing and Environmental Thinking”

Details are on the IASH website at

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It has been established by Chris Fremantle, producer and research associate with On The Edge Research, Gray’s School of Art, The Robert Gordon University. Fremantle is a member of a number of international networks of artists, curators and others focused on art and ecology.

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Open-dialogues: Question Time #COP15

Question Time is a series of 1000 artist-led interviews, conducted throughout Copenhagen during the UN COP15 conference. In a context of inter-governmental debate and negotiation, Question Time explores an alternative approach to climate change based on personal knowledge, action, hospitality, ending, home, social sculpture, chance, future, starting, and the occasional wild card.

Question Time will hold daily open summits throughout Copenhagen – in cafes, homes, street corners, train stations and conference centres – at which ideas from the 1000 interviews will be shared and discussed, concluding with a daily statement of intent and the posting of interviews online.

Question Time asks: how do you think change occurs? What is hospitality to you? What would be your sci-fi scenario for humans surviving in extremis in a post-global meltdown universe? Where is the recycling bin in your house?

Question Time are David Berridge, Rachel Lois Clapham, Alex Eisenberg and Mary Paterson as Open Dialogues.

Follow the project and subscribe at or email

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