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Tim Collins highlighted that nominations are invited by the Landscape Research Group for PhD, Masters and Undergraduate dissertations and projects.

The deadline for submissions:

  • Undergraduate prizes is 15 September 2012,
  • MA and PhD prizes are both 15 November 2012.
  • Announcement will be made by 30 May 2013.

See below for further details:

Landscape Research Group is an interdisciplinary organisation the members of which include academics and practitioners from a range of disciplines including geography, landscape design, landscape architecture and planning. The Group publishes the scholarly journal Landscape Research. Part of the Group’s remit is to encourage innovative research on landscape related issues amongst students.

To this end we now have three Doctoral degree prizes, three prizes for Masters dissertations or projects and three prizes for undergraduate dissertations. The prizes are available to students who have completed a PhD, Masters degree or undergraduate degree and have produced a dissertation and/or project in a subject area with a landscape focus in the year Oct 2011 – Oct 2012.

We have also established a new online prize environment that asks course directors and research degree coordinators to register and nominate students online. If you are interested in doing so, please send me an email with your name, your academic title, as well as university address, email and phone number to You will be enrolled on our system and able to nominate students directly. Once nominated students will receive an email with instruction to upload their thesis and supporting appendices to be considered for a prize. [] .

Landscape Research Group Prizes

    • Up to three Doctoral Prizes at £500 for original contributions to knowledge
    • Up to three Masters Prizes at £350 for significant academic and creative inquiry
    • Up to three Undergraduate Prizes at £250 each for rigorous analysis and output

We make our prizes in a broad range of fields as befitting the landscape topic. We request that course leaders or doctoral programme coordinators make their nomination in one of three categories, also identifying the academic area (to the subject level) in your school that provided the academic setting and primary academic support for the degree.

Our categories include:

    • Humanities: Including cultural geography, history, archaeology, literature or philosophy.
    • Science, Planning and Management: material geography, environmental management, material geography, planning, and science.
    • Art and Design: architecture, art, design and landscape architecture.

For further information see the Landscape Research Group website.

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