DiverseWorks: Solution

Curated by Janet Phelps
March 6-April 18, 2009
Opening Reception: Friday, March 6, 2009, 6-8pm
DiverseWorks Main Gallery


The notion of progress is much more than a simple idea; it is a question — a 10,000-year-old experiment we have participated in but seldom controlled. Curator Janet Phelps poses it to seven accomplished multimedia artists – Jeffrey Gibson, Christopher K. Ho, Nina Katchadourian, My Barbarian, Jeanine Oleson, Joseph Smolinski and Michael Waugh with DiverseWorks’ latest exhibition, Solution. Through the use of abstract symbolism, discussion, personal reflection and political discourse, these artists explore the meaning of progress and its implications on civilizations of the past and present while offering theoretical solutions for humanities’ relationship to change and progress.  

via DiverseWorks: Celebrating 25 Years.

APInews: Systems of Sustainability: Art, Innovation, Action

Just as we’ve received a reminder from the Community Arts Network RSS feed, we are reminding all of our readers about this upcoming event. We’ll both be there in Houston (my home away from home for the better part of the last decade) 

Sustaining our planet, our culture and our creative enterprise” are the topics of “Systems of Sustainability: Art, Innovation, Action (S.O.S.)” at the University of Houston in March. Part arts festival, part academic symposium, “S.O.S.” explores “how creative enterprise can be an integral tool for cultural growth and social change.” Organized by the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts and the Art Museum’s Blaffer Gallery at the University of Houston, the event includes site-specific projects, participatory activities, lectures, scholarly panels and opportunities for dialogue with artists, researchers, activists and scholars such as Matt Coolidge, The Center for Land Use Interpretation; Lindsay Utz, GOOD Magazine; Robert Harriss, Houston Advanced Research Center; Liz Lerman, Liz Lerman Dance Exchange; and more. The symposium runs March 27-29, 2009. [LINK]


via APInews: Systems of Sustainability: Art, Innovation, Action .