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Toronto to New York City Travel Options

This journey actually involves going from London to Toronto to New York with a stop over in Washington in an attempt to make the most out of one transatlantic trip. The following represents one leg of the journey.

Distance: approximately 500 miles

Option 1: Train

Route: Toronto (Union Station) to NYC (Penn Station) direct

Time: 13 hours (approx.)

Cost: $97 US (Coach)/ $127 (Business) -one way

Carbon output: low (~45.1kg)


Option 2: Bus

Route: Toronto to NYC (Port Authority Bus Terminal/Penn Station) direct

Time: 11.5 -12.5 hours (approx.)

Cost: $72 US -one way

Carbon output: low (~23.5kg)

Info: (has free wi-fi) (has free wi-fi and “eco-friendly” buses)

Option 3: Plane

Route: Toronto Pearson Airport to NYC La Guardia direct

Time: 1.5 hours

Cost: $203 CND one-way/$366 CND return

Carbon output: high (~111.7kg)


Option 4: Car share

Route: various – Toronto to NYC

Time: 9 hours (approx.)

Cost: various (gas money)

Carbon output: med to high (50-180kg depending)


To note: We’ve found an Amtrak train from New York to Washington. It’s only 3-4 hours and costs around $72 US.

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