An invitation to the conference: “The Spirit of Place”

August 1-3, 2010

Sami cultural heritage center – Arran, Tysfjord municipality, Nordland, Norway –

We would like to invite you to attend our upcoming conference, “The Spirit of Place”. The conference is happening in conjunction with the project, “Stetind Declaration”. The key topics for the conference, as expressed in “Stetind Declaration” include:

  • Nature friendly living in the coming society
  • How to foster a nature friendly way of living

You are invited to present a paper at the conference, and take part in conference discussions. We encourage you to write your paper in one of the following languages:
German, English, French, Spanish.

Please note, however, that the discussions at the conference will be in English.

If you intend to present a paper, please send us its title by March 1, 2010.
Final sign up for the conference is June 1.
The same date is the deadline for sending a complete paper.
Please use one of these mail addresses: or

Received titles pr. December 1:

  • Kazushi Maeda, Japan: “Traditional local cultures for our future”
  • Andy Thompson, New Zealand: “What were Amundsen and Scott really doing in Antartica?”
  • Anna Thompson, New Zealand: “Aoraki Mt Cook – cultural icon or tourist “object”
  • Jana Hoffmannova & Ludek Sebek, Czech republic: “Transforming Cultural landscapes”
  • Torbjorn Ydegaard, Denmark: “Culture as learning, learning from culture”
  • Seaton Baxter, Scotland: “Natures Contribution to the Spirits in the Sand”
  • Trond Jakobsen, Norway: “From Science to Human and Eco- Emancipation”
  • Kumanga Andrahennadi, Sri Lanka: “Water; The Essential Spirit of Place”

The conference is based on self accommodation but the main meals can be bought at Arran. The conference fee is set to 1000,- NOK.

Please check our website regularly for further information about the conference.

Related events

There are a number of related events planned for the week prior to the conference that you may also wish to attend:

Wednesday July 28 – Friday July 30: “Peach March for Nature”

A hike that follows an old trail from Gällivarre (Sweden) to Tysfjord (Norway)

Friday July 30, 2010: Anniversary dinner, 100 years since the mountain of Stetind was climbed for the first time

Information about Stetind, its history and surrounding local communities:

For instance: or google “Stetind”

Saturday July 31, 2010:

A good day to visit Stetind or some of the local Sami communities in the area.

We hope you will seriously consider joining us at the “The Spirit of Place” conference and contributing to the realization of the “Stetind Declaration”. We look forward to hearing from you soon with a proposed paper presentation!