CSPA Supports

CSPA Supports is a new benefit for our member artists. The CSPA Supports grant program is designed to support the projects of our members as they consider issues of sustainability (ecological, economic, or cultural) in their professional work.  Artists from all genres are encouraged to apply:  Visual Art/Installation, Live Performance, Public Art, and/or Digital Work.

Grants range from $200 to $1,000.


Artist from any genre may apply. Applicants must be current subscribers to the CSPA.  To subscribe go to: https://www.sustainablepractice.org/subscribe/

Applicants must be 18 years of age or older.  International applications are accepted, and proposed projects may take place anywhere in the world.

Recipients may not apply for the next immediate cycle, but are welcome to apply in the future.

Grants will support:
  • Purchase or rental of materials, equipment, and/or space.
  • Artists’ and Collaborators’ fees.
  • Documentation
  • Travel related to proposed project.
  • Marketing & public communications.
Grants wil not support:
  • Organizational costs related to operation
  • Living expenses
  • Tuition, entry fees, or registration fees
  • Curatorial expenses

Our grant review panel gives preference to projects that will have public visibility within the current funding cycle.

Round Three: Application and Deadlines

Application deadline for Round Three:  Extended to April 1, 2012

Notification: May 2012

Round Three is intended to support projects being realized between June 1, 2012 and December 31, 2012.


Please be prepared to answer the following short response items (50 words each):

  • Proposed Project Summary
  • Proposed Project Timeline
  • How does your project address issues of sustainability?
  • How will your project be communicated to a local and/or global public?
  • Your bio, along with short bios from artists or organizations you are collaborating with

Please be prepared to enter estimated expenses & income in our budget fields:

  • Estimated costs of materials
  • Proposed artist & collaborator fees
  • Marketing & communication expenses
  • Venue Rental (for Rehearsal, Construction, Exhibition, and/or Performance)
  • Projected earned income
  • Projected individual donations
  • Anticipated grants
  • Amount requested from CSPA Supports



Public Office for Architecture (POA) is a collaborative project situated at MoKS, Center for Arts and Social Practice in Mooste, Estonia.  POA is an artistic practice conceived as a a nomadic architecture office.  POA involves and engages the public with the built environment through architectural and artistic dialogue and intervention.


Elizabeth English and A Collection of Shiny Objects in Brooklyn, NY for their original theater production of Goods & Services (The Walmart Project).

Goods & Services is a collaborative, semi-devised object theater piece that explores Americans’ relationhship with the buying and selling of consumer gods with a focus on the phenomenon of the “Big Box” store.  The project will be developed and presented at the Henson PATCH (Puppetry at the Carriage House) in April 2012.  The project will then move on to New York City early in 2013, with a goal of touring afterwards.

The theme of the project revolves around issues of American consumer culture, the buying and selling and life cycles of objects, and by extension the nature of the community formed by consumers and Walmart employees.  The project reflects three facets of sustainability simultaneously: the environmental impact of consumer culture through theme, the economic impact of the “Big Box” store (and community impact), especially as it manifests in the current climate of economic crisis through story, and new models of sustainable creative space through process.

More about A Collection of Shiny Objects here:  http://www.collectshinyobjects.org

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