A Music Video on Climate Action: “Granddaughter’s Eyes” | An Earth Day Tribute

NEW EMPTY HANDS MUSIC VIDEO RELEASE: “Granddaughter’s Eyes” is a powerful call to action on climate change. Through evocative storytelling, this song and music video urges us to see the world through the eyes of future generations and inspires us to make small changes in our daily lives to help preserve the planet for posterity.

Some lyrics from the song: 

We’re running out of breath, cuz we’re cutting down the pines,
running out of water, so we’re cutting in the lines
7.7, 8 billion and the 9, human beings watching the land sink while the water rises

About the artist: Nimo has performed and shared his heartfelt messages of kindness, gratitude and love in over 20 countries from hundreds of schools, refugee camps and hospitals to international conferences, prisons and music festivals. His songs, music videos and message, have traversed the world to over 100 million viewers through MTV, YouTube, Tony Robbins’ events, the BBC Channel and more. Nimo continues to offer his music and performances as a labor of love, at no charge.

Learn more at www.EmptyHandsMusic.org