Opportunity: Artist commission – Crichton Carbon Centre

Multidisciplinary residence/commission working alongside Crichton Carbon Centre researchers.

The Crichton Carbon Centre (CCC) is seeking to commission an artist to create new work in relation to the environment of the Upper Blackwater of Dee catchment as part of our multi-disciplinary water quality research initiative, Water Cycle, part of our Peatland Connections project.

Water Cycle has three elements:

  1. Physical Science to collect baseline water quality data at 13 sites along the Upper Blackwater of Dee catchment: pH levels, peat particulate content, and water temperature.
  2. Citizen Science to actively involve people in the process of data collection and conversations arising from the project.
  3. Contemporary Art to contextualise the catchment and landscape dynamics.

We welcome applications across all forms of contemporary practice including inter and transdisciplinary approaches.

Contemporary artists, like contemporary scientists, conduct research to reveal new insights into the world around us. Accordingly, art holds potential to contribute to new forms of knowledge production and new ways of seeing and understanding environmental issues and complexities. At CCC, we recognise that art approaches can be an innovative, potentially unconventional, means of data collection; and that through combining art and science approaches our capacity to connect to a landscape and begin to understand it is greatly deepened.

Application deadline: 27 March

Artist fee: £6,048.00 for a min of 18 days

For full details about the commission / residence and how to apply: https://www.carboncentre.org/work-for-ccc

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