Opportunity: Introduction to Ecoscenography

Join Emily Reid and Mona Kastell at this event hosted by Starcatchers.

How can artists create more sustainable and environmentally friendly theatre? Join artists Emily Reid and Mona Kastell for an Introduction to Ecoscenography – the integration of ecological thinking into all stages of scenographic production and aesthetics – and explore how to put Ecoscenography into practice in your own work.

This workshop will take place online on 8 March, 10.30am-12.30pm.

Emily Reid
Emily is a theatre-maker and director, committed to devising quality theatre and creative learning projects which nurture a sense of curiosity, wonder and care for our natural world. She is particularly interested in the potential of theatre to motivate social and environmental change, the place of the arts and creativity within the school curriculum, and sustainable theatre making. Emily is the artistic director for Eco Drama, and also regularly works with other organisations presenting on Eco Drama’s work and delivering training.

Mona Kastell
Mona is an international award-winning designer, community engagement practitioner and leader in the emerging paradigm of ecoscenography. She combines permaculture and ecological design thinking within her creative practice embedded in expanded scenography with emphasis on nature, wellbeing, interconnectivity and authentic community engagement to engage and empower whole people to contribute to a healthy society and planet. Mona is one of Ecostage’s co-directors, a grassroots initiative and website that provides a holistic framework, tools and resources for embedding practice-based ecological thinking at all stages of our creative processes and scales of production.

This is a Starcatchers Playspace event. Starcatchers supports artists across all artforms at different stages of their careers – from those interested in learning more about working with this age group to those who are experienced and want to develop their practice. The programme includes training, mentorship, artist laboratories led by sector pioneers, playday workshops, networking opportunities and bursaries to attend children’s theatre festivals.

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