SPRINGBOARD: EOIs for the exhibition hall

We invite SPRINGBOARD participants to submit expressions of interest for contributions to the virtual exhibition hall.

The SPRINGBOARD exhibition hall is a terrific opportunity for cultural and climate-focused organisations to:

  • Tell others about your innovations and good ideas – so they can benefit from them too
  • Celebrate your success in overcoming a knotty problem – there will be others facing something similar
  • Share a knotty problem that you haven’t solved, to see if anyone else can help
  • Open up a topic for discussion that isn’t covered elsewhere

Submit your EOI now

Share your knowledge with others so we move faster together – or ask a question that someone else may have the answer to!

At our Green Arts conferences (which we held up until 2019), our ‘show and tell’ sessions, where practitioners shared their stories with their peers, were very popular and successful. Much of the knowledge needed for working on climate change is in people’s heads and in their cultural and climate-focused organisations. It’s knowledge that’s less technical and more about how to get it done, where to start, who to ask, and where the suppliers are.

Ideas for transformational change and re-imagining the world

We need a more transformational change in society. So, we welcome your ideas about how culture can start doing different things to help bring about that change; rather than doing the same things differently.

Let other sectors know what you need to enable your transformational change

Culture, transport, local and national government, environmental agencies – we all need each other’s help to make the change. Tell us the challenge you are facing and what you need from others.

What sort of exhibits are we looking for?

We’re looking for posters, short videos, presentations, whatever suits you best. It can be an exhibit you’ve created already or one you make especially for SPRINGBOARD (as your time and resources allow).

While your exhibit doesn’t have to tie in to the themes or cohorts specifically, you may find it useful to have a look at the SPRINGBOARD programme.

Deadline to express interest

We’re not setting a strict deadline but we encourage you to submit your expression of interest as soon as possible. This allows us time to review and get back to you so that you can create your exhibit with time to spare before SPRINGBOARD begins on 27 February.

We’ll check your submission for relevance and suitability and then let you know if it’s been accepted so that you can share the relevant links and/or files with us to upload to the exhibition hall.

We’re aiming to upload any exhibits that we receive by 16 February ready for day 1 of SPRINGBOARD. After 16 February, we’ll do our best to upload exhibits but know that we’ll also be pretty busy getting ready to welcome you at 10am on 27 February.

If you have any questions, please contact springboard@creativecarbonscotland.com.

Express your interest in contributing to the exhibition hall.

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