Opportunity: Freelancer bursaries to attend SPRINGBOARD

We’re offering up to 10 bursaries of £350 to cover the time of freelancers in the cultural and climate change sectors who wish to attend the online assembly.

We recognise that many freelancers in the cultural and climate change sectors often cannot participate in events like SPRINGBOARD 2023 due to financial pressures. However, freelancer contributions are invaluable to creative climate action and we believe it will be a very worthwhile experience for everyone who participates. So, we’re offering up to 10 bursaries of £350 to cover attendance time.

We particularly encourage applications that will increase the diversity of assembly participants. We’re aiming to award bursaries across a range of age, geographical area of work, discipline or field of work and stage of career. We’d like, if possible, to award half the bursaries to cultural practitioners and half to climate change practitioners.

Please read our SPRINGBOARD 2023 page to learn more about what the assembly will entail before deciding if you wish to apply.

Apply now for a bursary to attend SPRINGBOARD. The deadline for applications is 11.59pm on Tuesday 31 January 2023.


Am I eligible to apply? 

Yes, if:

  • you do most of your work on a freelance / short contract basis
  • your work is mainly Scotland based and focused in the arts and culture sector and/or the climate change and sustainability sector
  • you believe attending SPRINGBOARD will enable you to contribute more effectively to building a sustainable, climate-ready Scotland

No, if:

  • you are employed full-time or part-time as we hope you’ll be attending on behalf of your employer
  • you are in full-time education

How much time will I need to spend at SPRINGBOARD? 

This is a four-day commitment from 10am to 4pm each day (27 February to 2 March). If you can only attend part of SPRINGBOARD, we ask that you come to all the sessions for your cohort and as much as possible of the main programme as your time affords. You’ll be asked to join a cohort based on your experience and interests. Full programme details will be announced as soon as they’re finalised.

Cohort sessions will run 2pm-3.30pm (90 minutes) on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday a longer cohort session in the morning will run 10.20am-1pm (160 minutes including a 15-minute break) and, after lunch, a 90-minute plenary will include cohorts presenting their action plans, Q&A and discussion.

If you’d like more information about what we expect of your time commitment, please contact springboard@creativecarbonscotland.com

Which cohort will I be in?

We’re finalising cohort topics at the moment and will advertise them shortly.

Once bursaries have been awarded, we’ll contact the successful applicants to discuss which cohort best suits their skills, knowledge and ambitions based on their preferred question (as indicated in their application).

When should I register for SPRINGBOARD?

As soon as you receive notification about your bursary application. All bursary recipients will be given a code to put in at the payment stage of registration to indicate that they’re not required to pay the fee.

If you are unsuccessful in applying for a bursary, we hope you’ll still register to attend SPRINGBOARD.

If I’m a successful applicant, how will my bursary be paid? 

After SPRINGBOARD concludes on Thursday 2 March 2023 you’ll send us an invoice and we’ll pay £350 (+VAT if applicable) into your nominated account within 14 days of us acknowledging receipt.

What does my invoice need to include? 

  • Your full name (first name and last name)
  • Your full postal address
  • Invoice date
  • Invoice reference (for your own accounting)
  • If you are VAT registered, the amount of VAT charged and your VAT number
  • This description of what the invoice is for: ‘Bursary for participation in the SPRINGBOARD online assembly 27 February-2 March 2023’
  • This total bursary cost: £350.00
  • Full payment details comprising:
    • Name on bank account
    • Sort code
    • Account number
    • Name of bank

Can I apply for both a bursary and financial assistance to cover the cost of childcare during SPRINGBOARD? 

No. However, if you are unsuccessful in your bursary application and will incur childcare costs by attending SPRINGBOARD, please contact us: springboard@creativecarbonscotland.com.

Can I ask a different question?

Of course. If you have questions regarding the bursary that aren’t covered here, please email springboard@creativecarbonscotland.com.

If you wish to apply, please complete the form HERE by 11.59pm on Tuesday 31 January 2023. We’ll advise both successful and unsuccessful applicants by Friday 3 February.

SPRINGBOARD bursary application

This application has 14 questions or fields requiring responses and six optional fields. Some of the questions have free text boxes and we suggest you answer in around 200 words. We estimate it may take up to 45 minutes to complete the application, but it may be much less. Shortlisting will be anonymous and take into consideration your responses under ‘About your work’ and ‘For SPRINGBOARD’ (except where noted to maintain anonymity). We will give particular attention to your statement and your biography, so please avoid including any identifying text in those responses.


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