Open Call: Entangled Forest

Let’s tackle the climate crisis in an artistic way! We are Climanosco, a small association that wants to make the knowledge and possible solutions about the climate crisis accessible to everyone by connecting art and science. This time we focus on climate change and “Entangled Forests”. The call closes by the end of September.

Impressions of the last two exhibitions “Oceans on the rise” and “How humans respond” can be found at

Covering just a third of our land, forests are critical to the functioning of our society. Almost half of all forests are devoted to commercial use. But forests are not just a source of wood and pulp. They prevent land erosion, are essential for draining rainfall and snowmelt into rivers and protect communities around the world against natural hazards. Forests host 80% of all terrestrial plants and animals. They are vital in maintaining wildlife, endemic species and biodiversity. But how will forests adapt to climate change? Will they continue to play their essential roles in a warmer world? Tree mortality has doubled in the past 20 years in Europe and much of America. Will it get worse? How can we help? What is our role?