Opportunity: Seas of the Outer Hebrides project seeks creative practitioner

The MarPAMM – Seas of the Outer Hebrides project is seeking a creative practitioner or creative team, to work with local residents to produce a powerful, community-led vision for marine stewardship in the Outer Hebrides. 

  • Eligibility: Open to experienced creative practitioner(s) of any discipline based in Scotland
  • Time commitment and fee: Â£7300 for 24 days’ work between September – December 2021, plus materials/expenses and translation budget
  • Application: 2 question online form; Equal Opportunities monitoring form
  • Deadline: 25th August at 11:59pm

Read summary details of the role below and download the PDF of the creative practitioner brief

MarPAMM – Seas of the Outer Hebrides

The MarPAMM – Seas of the Outer Hebrides project aims to deliver a community-led vision and recommendations for the stewardship of the marine environment and Marine Protected Areas in the Outer Hebrides. Since 2019 Creative Carbon Scotland has partnered with the project to support creative engagement activities to explore communities’ relationship to the sea and their visions for the future marine environment.

We are now entering the phase of the project that will bring together community priorities and recommendations into a powerful message, which aims to inform future policy and action.

The project is delivered by a partnership of local and national organisations: Comhairle nan Eilean Siar, Marine Scotland, NatureScot and the University of the Highlands and Islands and is funded by INTERREG.

Community-led vision for marine stewardship

We are seeking to work with an experienced creative practitioner(s), skilled in facilitation, to co-produce a visual and written creative work with local participants, reflecting a community vision for the future of marine stewardship in the Outer Hebrides. The vision will encompass the Outer Hebrides marine region, which extends to St Kilda, Sula Sgier and Rona.

The vision will provide an accessible, positive message for the future, addressing key concerns identified by communities in the Outer Hebrides to date including climate change and biodiversity loss, better involved communities and local decision making, sustainable marine jobs, and cultural and spiritual significance of the sea.

The opportunity

This role is an opportunity to contribute to a project seeking to deliver positive change for communities and the natural marine environment in the Outer Hebrides. The format and approach taken will be co-designed with the project team depending on the skills, experience and approach of the creative practitioner(s).

Creative practitioner specification

This role is imagined for an experienced and established creative practitioner(s), looking to use their creative skills to contribute to wider society. We anticipate practitioners with five or more years of experience in the cultural sector will be most appropriate for this role. It is possible to apply to the role as a partnership or collective.

The types of experience, skills and knowledge that will be beneficial for this project include:


  • Experience of working successfully with groups or communities from diverse backgrounds to produce creative work. For example, working in environmental, educational, social, healthcare, community contexts.
  • Experience of producing impactful, visual and written work, which can be shared digitally and appeals to a broad audience.


  • Skilled in successfully facilitating non-arts groups in digital and in person contexts: ability to communicate concepts clearly and facilitate a creative process in an accessible and inclusive way.
  • Ability to generate participation from residents of the Outer Hebrides: ability to design and communicate about activities which appeal to a broad audience.
  • Project delivery: able to demonstrate effective partnership working, ability to plan and manage the delivery of key tasks on time and within budget, and adapt plans in line with COVID safety regulations and guidelines.


  • Knowledge of and a proven commitment to Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion, particularly in community engagement and island and rural contexts.
  • Knowledge of or demonstrable interest in learning about the marine environment and climate change.
Equalities, diversity and inclusion

Creative Carbon Scotland is committed to climate justice: addressing the climate emergency in a way which makes society fairer and more equitable, and which includes all parts of society in deciding this future. We recognise that a diverse and inclusive movement is critical to solving climate change and that we must ensure that those directly impacted – particularly those who have been excluded in the past – are at the centre of the movement for change. We therefore want to increase the diversity of our team to widen our range of views and experiences, and particularly encourage applications from disabled people, those who are D/deaf, Black/+ People of Colour, those from minority ethnic communities, or from a low-income background.

Creative Carbon Scotland is committed to actively promoting equality and diversity in all of our work. All applications will be anonymised during the initial shortlisting to guard against unconscious bias, and our Equal Opportunities Monitoring Survey is anonymous and completely separately from your application. You can read our Equalities policy on the Creative Carbon Scotland website.

How to apply

The closing date for applications is 11.59pm on Wednesday 25th August 2021

  • Please read the full creative practitioner brief carefully and then follow the instructions in the online application form [HERE]. The form will ask you to make clear why you are interested in this role and to demonstrate how your experience and skills match those outlined above. If you are not able to complete the online form, please get in touch to request a Word document version in good time before the closing date of 11:59pm on Wednesday 25th August.
  • As part of your application, please complete our Equal Opportunities Monitoring Survey. The application form will ask you to confirm that you have done so. NB: This is anonymous and the information provided will not affect your application in any way.
  • If you would like to discuss the role or have any questions, please contact Gemma Lawrence. Your interactions with us on accessibility will remain confidential and will not be shared with the recruitment panel.
  • Interviews will be held remotely between 2nd and 3rd September via MS Teams.


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