Guest blog: Raising Futures – articles interpreting arts and culture as sustainable practices

Raising Futures is a collaborative publication between final year BA Culture, Criticism and Curation students at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London and climate change magazine It’s Freezing in LA! (IFLA!).

Raising Futures is a series of articles that interprets arts and culture as sustainable practices and how they can be used as tools for dissemination. Through its various pieces on architecture, fashion, art and culture, the publication elucidates the fragile state of our environment, whilst highlighting an urgent need for change through acts of sustainability.

We produced Raising Futures as part of our final year project at Central Saint Martins (CSM), known as the Degree Show. The Degree Show is an opportunity for students to work together and consolidate the knowledge gained throughout the course and demonstrate it to the wider audience of the University of the Arts London and those outside of it. To produce this creative yet insightful piece, we drew inspiration from IFLA!’s May 2021 issue, exploring similar themes of ecology and regeneration, whilst embodying our own skills and practices to generate an alternative outtake on the topic of climate change. By offering a varied scope on an ever-pressing subject, Raising Futuresembraces the importance of ecological acknowledgement as well as the very essence of our university: innovation.

To strive for sustainability is to allow us, as human beings, to evolve and adapt to meet the new and continuing challenges faced in everyday life. Our planet is already feeling the effects of climate change, threatening our existence as we lean closer and closer towards a potentially irreversible shift, and so we must prosper to protect it. A consequence that is often overlooked is what climate change could mean for our careers. From pilots to farmers, bankers to doctors, an increasing number of job industries are in jeopardy from its effects. But having a richer sense of community in conquering the continuous climate crisis of rising sea levels, elevated temperatures and melting glaciers is called for, now, more than ever for the sake of a foreseeable future.

To be a part of a project wherein we were able to produce a publication that raises awareness towards the importance of this was both an innovating and invigorating progress. The discussions we shared with IFLA! were constantly fascinating and a brilliant opportunity for us, as students, to dig into new ideas, insights and approaches to addressing climate change. We’re proud to distribute our work alongside the magazine’s most recent issue and hope that readers learn as much about the climate crisis as we have from this collaboration.

Raising Futures is currently available alongside IFLA!’s May issue and can be found on IFLA!’s website. More information on Central Saint Martins’ BA Culture, Criticism and Curation degree can be found on the University of the Arts London Central Saint Martins website.

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