Working period: 1 – 2 months during
SPRING & SUMMER /// 15th January – 30th July 2021

Application deadline: 15th November 2021
We will inform all applicants about the selections by the end of November.

Due to the pandemic situation, the Open call for spring & summer 2021 is aimed at people from various fields residing in Finland and interested in Mustarinda’s themes.

Length of residency period is 1-2 months. As an exception the two last weeks of January suit very well for groups but also for single persons for an intensive work period. We consider important rich interactive, multidisciplinary, and interdisciplinary practices, and so Mustarinda fits well for practitioners widely from different fields. The applicant can be e.g. an artist, a worker from the culture field, a researcher, an educator, a journalist or a student etc. The Mustarinda Association reaches towards a post-fossil culture by combining scientific and artistic knowledge and experiential activity. The association aims to continually reduce its carbon footprint and impact on a local and global scale. We encourage travel to the residency by public or shared transportation.

Notice that during the corona-pandemic Mustarinda operates by following the official recommendations, therefore changes in the proceedings are possible.

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