Ecoscenography workshop for designer/director/production manager

It’s time to talk about the environmental impact of the work we make!

This workshop will bring together designers, directors and production managers for an interactive talk on ecological design for performance and its merging within theatre making, followed by a workshop exploring ecological processes.

We will address the importance and advantages of integrating ecological principles into all stages of the performing arts. There will be opportunities to work in creative teams to explore how we can co-create sustainable new narratives in the entertainment industry for the future of our society and the planet.

Venue: Rockvilla
Date: Thursday 6th February
Time: 2-5pm (with tea break!)

Who is it for?
Production Managers

This workshop is currently not open to students (sorry).

How do I apply?
Please send us an e-mail to requesting a place and letting us know what your usual job role is.

We want to ensure as many perspectives are in the room as possible, so have a limited number of places for each discipline (designers, directors, porduction managers), places will be filled on a first come, first come basis with a reserve list being used to fill any empty spaces that may be left.

The workshop is organised by The Envelope Room and will be facilitated by Mona Kastell Eco Designer.

Mona Kastell is an ecoscenographer, ecological designer, community engagement practitioner, and leader in the emerging paradigm of Ecoscenography. Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, she freelances between Set & Costume design and Ecological Design talks, workshops & Consultancy. As a designer/maker, Mona holistically combines stage design, Permaculture & Ecological Design to actively instigate positive change for the future of our society and the planet. She places Nature, interconnectivity, and authentic community engagement at the heart of her creative practice.