OPEN CALL for [SHIFT:ibpcpa] 2020 Biennale

[SHIFT:ibpcpa] is currently looking for proposals from fine art performance artists using participation and collaboration in their practice.

SHIFT: The International Biennale of Performance, Collaborative and Participatory Arts aka [SHIFT:ibpcpa] is a non-profit art initiative with a specific focus on performance, collaborative and participatory art practices.

[SHIFT:ibpcpa] provides an opportunity for fine art-based performance artists to enhance their practice, theoretical and critical approach, within the current and future context of performance art. For this reason, [SHIFT:ibpcpa] specifically focuses on the untapped potential of performance, collaborative and participatory art.

The biennale lasts from June 2020 until August 2020 and is networked. Meaning work can exist within the digital and/or physical domains where necessary… where networked and nomadic projects traverse the hypothetical space and physical place. Submitted projects must include performance art that contains either collaborative or participatory elements.

Open to students and professional artists. We are interested in the intersection between levels of professionality.

Apply via [SHIFT:ibpcpa] website.

For details about the 2020 theme, please visit the [SHIFT:ibpcpa] website and follow us on Instagram @shift_ibpcpa


Location: International

For further information, please contact ([SHIFT:ibpcpa]), or visit

The deadline is Friday 13 March 2020 at 01:00.