Opportunity/Open Call: “Four (plus one) Elements”

“ΚΟΙΝΩΝΩ” is a multidimensional cultural organisation located in Tinos (Greece) offering a unique opportunity to apply for four 15-day cultural residencies in 2020.

After four years of continuous presence on the island of Tinos (Greece), “ΚΟΙΝΩΝΩ” Tinos Art Gathering” invites applications from all disciplines in the arts and sciences to the Thematic Series of “Four (plus one) elements”, which will be implemented through four distinct 15-day residency programs until the fall of 2020 on the island of Tinos.

The “Four (plus one) Elements” project is supported by the Greek Ministry of Culture, the NEON organisation and in collaboration with the Athens School of Fine Arts, it will accommodate up to 200 guests of all disciplines in the arts and sciences, and it will be implemented through four distinct 15-day residency programmes (fire, water, air, earth) until the fall of 2020 on a set of more than 60 indoor and outdoor locations of great importance all around the island of Tinos.

With reference to the diverse cultural and natural landscape of Tinos, “ΚΟΙΝΩΝΩ”, with the “Four (plus one) Elements” thematic series, borrows the four natural elements (earth, water, air, fire) plus one, the element of time, to highlight both the seasons alternation and the era of human intervention on the natural landscape. The “Four (plus one) Elements” thematic series, is a lengthy, multidimensional project, which attempts to explore and reinvent the relationships between the material “environments” of the island both used and unused, the various manifestations of locality, the participants as individuals and the contemporary interdisciplinary practice in visual arts, music, theatre, dance, research and the humanities and new means of expression through place and time.

Four Open Calls will be made, one for each element with four distinct deadlines:

  • Fire – 15 November 2019
  • Water – 15 February 2020
  • Air – 15 June 2020
  • Earth – 15 August 2020

Each residency is 15 days. Fire: 18-31 January 2020, Water :18-30 April 2020, Air :18-31 August 2020, Earth :18-31 October 2020. “ΚΟΙΝΩΝΩ”, will select up to 50 participantsper element.

The works that are created by the residencies of each element will be presented respectively in the months: January, April, August, October 2020 throughout the totality of the natural and cultural landscape of the island. Priority will be given to collaboration between participants and/or the involvement of local organisations and communities.

The call is open to all with no age limit or restriction in art or science discipline.

Participants are offered:

  • free transport for a limited number of participants (in and out of the EU)
  • free transport to the island of Tinos and all residency sites
  • free accommodation (rooms and hostels)
  • free subsistence (common lunches-dinners, food supplies)
  • partial production and material costs

More information on the “Four(plus one) Elements” and how to apply you can find here (English version).


“ΚΟΙΝΩΝΩ” is a multidimensional cultural organisation located in Tinos, Greece since 2016, organising site-specific art exhibitions, open workshops, music and theatre performances, research projects, interactive tours in the natural environment of the island as well as in specific buildings of historical or architectural significance. “ΚΟΙΝΩΝΩ”’s objectives are: to intensify the inter-connectivity and mobilisation of participants from diversified geographical locations, the assimilation of the material environment as a vital part of the creative process and an essential element of sustainability, the emergence of particular elements of tradition and locality as a matter of public interest, the dissemination of knowledge and the acquisition of skills for a variety of disciplines, the exchange of ideas and the reinvention of collaboration in coordination with the various manifestations of culture and locality (tradition, environment, community) and the expansion and diversification of audiences.

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