Plant Material presents Two-Person Show—Alex Wand / Ascelpias fascicularis

Curated by Susanna Battin
Sunday June 30 – July 28
Opening reception, screening and performance: Sunday, June 30, 6-8pm

There are three types of exhibitions seen again and again in the art world: the solo show, the group show, and the two-person show. The Two-Person Show Series presented by Plant Material and curated by Susanna Battin, departs from this convention while radically extending notions of personhood to nonhuman beings. As its name suggests the series presents two persons—this time, one artist and a plant.

The first installment of the series features Alex Wand’s Camino de las Monarcas and Ascelpias fascicularis (Narrow-leaved Milkweed). Wand’s 50-minute video piece documents his bicycle migration along the path of southbound monarchs to Michoacán, Mexico. Heeding the call for kinship made by ecofeminist theorist Donna Haraway, Wand performs a real life ‘Camille Story’ by broadcasting milkweed seeds and other pollinator seed mixes along the monarchs’ path. Ascelpias fascicularis’s role in the show is clear. The milkweed acts as a caterpillar nursery, hosting the Monarchs’ eggs, providing food, shelter, and safety to their growing forms. The show is presented simultaneous to the Monarch’s northbound migration, and amongst dire immigration conditions along the Southern border.

The opening events include a plant and video installation, screening of Camino de las Monarcas, and performance followed by a short Q & A.

About Plant Material:
Plant Material is a new garden center located in the Glassell Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. The ecologically and aesthetically opinionated store carries California native and regionally-appropriate nonnative plants, garden tools, and art objects.

More information at:

Plant Material
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