Opportunity: Artist Commissions for Art Walk Project’s ‘Footprint’ project

Artists are invited to apply for one of a number of paid commissions for this project, responding to the urban environment to devise mapped walks or cycles for the local community.

‘FOOTPRINT’ is a walking and cycling map + guide planned for East Edinburgh (Portobello, Leith) & Musselburgh  with artist-led routes that intersect the urban with nature through lesser used habitats, encouraging everyday physical activity as a way to improve well being.

We will be holding a number of public drop-in sessions at local markets and street locations during April-May from which a range of artist initiated walking & cycling routes will be based. A map + guide will be produced by December 2019 that presents around 6 routes for cycling and walking, and highlighting relevant sites that local communities have mapped within each of their neighbourhoods.

Two distinct opportunities are available for this project:

  • multiple commissions for devised and led walks and sessions with the local community
  • one commission for an artist to design and create the final map


The project will involve the developing of mapped routes working with local participants from each area alongside Art Walk Projects, leading a number of walks or cycles during June to October 2019. A finalised printed map will be produced by Dec 2019, in which each artist will be profiled alongside their mapped route.

Commission Details

We invite imaginative proposals that engage with local neighbourhoods, mark out the local, and intersect the three areas through lesser used habitats. Improving well being for participants is also an important element of this project, working to increase regular activity.

Each selected artist will be expected to:

  • Devise 1 route involving one or more of the areas – Leith, Portobello, Musselburgh;
  • Attend in the region of 2 public sessions meeting with participants;
  • Lead 2 walks or cycle journeys during the period June to Oct (including Art Walk Porty Festival 7-15 September).


In the region of 4 commissions are available – each receiving a bursary of £1000.

How to Apply

We are keen to hear from artists whose practice involves walking, mapping, journeying through lost urban landscape, or involving the study of the living urban environment. Ideally with a knowledge of one or more of the areas: Leith, Portobello, Musselburgh.

Please apply by emailing Rosy Naylor: rosy@artwalkporty.co.uk, with the following information (maximum 2 pages of A4):

  • Reasons for your interest in this project and how it relates to your current practice;
  • A description of the type of route or ideas you would be interested in exploring, including the area/s of most interest.

Please also include:

  • Your CV/artist statement
  • 4 examples of your recent work
  • Website/online links to view your work

Deadline for applications 1st May 2019 


We also are seeking an illustrator to work with us to draw out the A2 folded map and provide graphics that are relevant to the project.


Fee in region of £1000.

How to Apply

Please apply by emailing Rosy Naylor: rosy@artwalkporty.co.uk, with the following information:

  • Details of what you believe you would bring to the project and your areas of interest/ or ideas you would seek to explore (maximum: 2 pages)
  • CV/artist statement
  • 4 examples of your recent work
  • Website/online links to view your work

Deadline for applications 1st May 2019 

#GreenArts Day: Wednesday 14th March 1Art Walk Projects are a member of our Green Arts Initiative: a networked community of practice for Scottish cultural organisations committed to reducing their environmental impact. It is free to become part of the community, and there are lots of resources and case studies (like this one!) to support #GreenArts organisations. Take a look at our Green Arts Initiative page for more information.

All images are from Art Walk Projects. Find more on their Instagram page.

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