OPPORTUNITY: CALL FOR CONTRIBUTORS! Our Space, Our Place: Creating Ecofeminism

Proposals for 20-minute contributions for Our Space, Our Place: Creating Ecofeminism.

The event:

Our Space, Our Place: Creating Ecofeminism
Glasgow Women’s Library
Saturday 30th March 2019 10am-4pm

Global ecological activism is built on the work of women. Yet the value of women’s environmental campaigning and action often remains invisible.

Our Space, Our Place: Creating Ecofeminism, a partnership between researchers at universities across Scotland and Glasgow Women’s Library, calls together ecofeminist academics, environmental campaigners, writers, artists, community workers and performers for a day of papers, performances and workshops, exploring how ecofeminist theory and practice can unite to imagine and realise optimistic responses to our changing world.

Our aim is to share and discuss the diverse and daring work being done by women around environmental themes, including academic research, creative explorations and in participation with communities.

Invitation for proposals:

We invite proposals for 20-minute contributions from women with an interest in researching, understanding and describing women and ecology, women and the land and ecofeminism. We welcome proposals for academic papers in language accessible to the non- expert, performances, monologues, readings, presentations, workshops, demonstrations, film showings and any other original, interactive suggestions.

Themes could include, but are not limited to:

  • Women and climate change
  • Women and the politics of environment/environmental policy
  • Barriers to women’s participation in environmental activism
  • Diaspora and women’s experiences of environment and
  • The individual and the community in environmental thought
  • Global women’s perspectives
  • The history of ecofeminist theory and practice
  • ‘Mother Earth’ and ‘Mother Nature’ as helpful/problematic ideas
  • Periods, pollution and poverty
  • The role of language in environmental discourse
  • Women and food sovereignty
  • Sensory responses to the landscape, nature and ecologies
  • Women and vegetarianism/veganism
  • Environmental degradation as a factor in women’s power
  • Ecofeminism and the geopolitical
  • LGBTQ+ ecological action
  • Representations of women and environment in film and literature
  • Women and non-human animal rights and welfare
  • Disability and accessibility in environmental activism
  • Race, racism and the environmental movement
  • Women’s labour on the land, including agriculture and gardening
  • Creative and artistic interpretations of activism and environment
  • Women and cartography

How to submit a proposal:

We welcome all proposals and would invite you to get in touch with any questions about the event. Please send a short proposal (300 words max) and a brief biography (200 words max) to creatingecofeminism@gmail.com by Friday 25th January 2018

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