Opportunity: Calling all Scottish Foragers in Scotland

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Please briefly tell us a personal story of a foraging experience in Scotland

The Barn, Banchory, Scotland is currently working with the artist and ecologist Newton Harrison and the Centre for the Study of the Force Majeure, University Santa Cruz to explore the implications of Climate Change for Scotland.

Newton has developed a vision for Scotland focused on the commons of air, water, soil and forests that sequester carbon. Newton sees foraging as a vital link in this work and is seeking support from foragers in Scotland.

Would you write a few sentences for us?

Please briefly tell us a personal story of a foraging experience in Scotland that was important to you. It can be a positive, negative or provocative – just vivid in your experience allowing us to share the interest, excitement and challenges perhaps of foraging. You may want to include the following

What do you forage for and where?
Why do you forage ?
What impact, if any, do you believe your foraging might have on the environment?

However, the personal story is the content that Newton is interested in.

Along with this text, Newton would like a hi-res portrait image (300 dpi or 1+ meg capable of being expanded to 6″x6″) to be included in a 7’x9′ artwork as part of the forthcoming exhibition at the Barn and Edinburgh College of art in September as well as Taipei Biennale, Taiwan November – March 2018-19. You will be one of 40 to 50 contributors to this important work. We are now under some pressure of time and would be grateful if you could reply asap.

If you know of other foragers who would like to contribute, please could forward this information or put us in touch. Please do not hesitate to come back with further questions if you would like to know more.

Apologies for cross posting if you receive this email more than once.

Contributions should be forwarded to

Mark Hope cochair.mh@thebarnarts.co.uk

Anne Douglas cochair.ad@thebarnarts.co.uk

We are both involved in developing this work on behalf of the Barn.

with very best wishes and many thanks in advance

Anne and Mark


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