Report: Farther, Faster, Together.

Helicon’s new report, developed in partnership with ArtPlace America and informed by conversations: Farther, Faster, Together: How Arts and Culture Can Accelerate Environmental Progress. For this research, they delved deeply into energy, water, land, waste, toxic pollution, and climate resilience and adaptation. Across the board, Helicon heard about five things that environmental sector leaders believe we need to do in order to secure a sustainable future:

  • Spark public demand
  •  Build community capacity and agency
  •  Bridge scales
  •  Enrich and activate the built environment
  •  Nurture sustainable economies

This report explores how arts and cultural approaches amplify and accelerate progress in these five areas, and shares examples of bright spots doing this work.

Environmental sustainability is at its root about the health and integrity of our natural ecosystems the places where we all live, work, and play.This report lays out a framework for understanding how place-based arts and cultural interventions are advancing sustainability outcomes for communities.

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