An international meeting of CO-CRÉATION for the climate At the Grand Palais in PARIS, October 9-10, 2017

The association Art of Change 21 is organizing, with the support of the UN Environment, a meeting that will bring together artists, entrepreneurs and young eco-leaders from around the globe. The objective of this second conclave is to conceive of another participatory and artistic action for the environment and the climate that will be implemented internationally.

Art of Change 21 has selected distinguished personalities from civil society :

With the aim of encouraging civil society’s commitment to the climate despite the
North American withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, the unique co-creation event
will be held at the Salon Alexandre III at the Grand Palais this autumn. The world’s
most inspiring accelerators of change — artists, social entrepreneurs and youth
environmental leaders — will meet for two days to collectively create an action that
will be developed and carried out by the association Art of Change 21.
For Art of Change 21, the creativity of artists, the driving spirit of entrepreneurs and
the forward thinking of young eco-leaders represent three complementary forces.
The Conclave of Art of Change 21 is the only initiative in the world that brings together
these diverse groups and fosters the spirit of of ‘‘cross-fertilization.’’

The first Conclave of Art of Change 21 was organized in 2014 at the Gaîté Lyrique
in Paris prior to the COP21 held in Paris.It brought together twenty-one exceptional
personalities some of whom were: Kenyan entrepreneur David Kobia (founder of
Ushahidi), French entrepreneur Cédric Carles (founder of the Solar Sound System
and Regen Box), artists Lucy Orta, Wen Fang and Laurent Tixador. Together they
conceived the Maskbook action ( which focuses on air pollution
and it’s effect on the climate. Maskbook, in partnership with the UN Environment,
has organized over 60 events world-wide, mobilizing tens of thousands of active

About Art of Change 21
Art of Change 21 is an association founded in 2014 that combines art,
social entrepreneurship and youth in favor of sustainable development and
the environment, intervening at major events for the climate. The multi
cultural team is based in Paris. The association is strongly supported by
artist Olafur Eliasson (@olafureliasson) and entrepreneur Tristan Lecomte
(@tlecomte). Its main partner is the Schneider Electric Foundation and is also
supported by the UN Environment.

Art of Change 21

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