Exhibition Open Call, Keelung Ciao

Keelung is a harbor city located in north-eastern Taiwan. The city is surrounded by mountains and oversees the Pacific Ocean. The diversity of landscape and historical heritage is the treasury of Keelung. This initiative seeks to build an art program which is compatible with marine culture, harbor tradition, and the landscape of Keelung with your participation.

During a 3 week residency artists will bring a very unique living and exhibition experience to Keelung. With the help of Keelung Ciao, help to carry a cultural movement into the next stage for the city and its citizens.  Download the open call for More Information.

This Call is Seeking a Participant Who Is:

  • An Artist (individual, group or collective). No limit of creation form.
  • Able to propose a project/artwork which responds to the curatorial statement.
  • Able to executive the proposed project. The project should be site specific.
  • Willing to work with local team including technicians, volunteers and local communities.
  • Highly interested in Keelung’s history, landscape, environment and cultural scape.
  • Able to communicate effectively in either Chinese or English.
  • Open minded with different cultures, has a positive attitude, and is willing to share experiences.
  • Able to participate in the exhibition schedule including installation period (10th/Sep/2017-4th/Oct/2017) and press release & opening (5th/Oct/2017-7th/Oct/2017).


Once selected, artists will be invited to be featured in 2017 Keelung Ciao Exhibition and receive NT$70,000 to execute his/her proposal. The budget includes production and installation fees.


For International Artists: A return economy class ticket from where artist live toTaipei Airport, Taiwan. and domestic transportation from airport to Keelung is covered.

For Taiwanese Artists: A return ticket of train/HSR/bus transportation from where artist live to Keelung is covered.

In Keelung:

During installation period, the curatorial team will provide Keelung’s travel info and suggested public transportation from accommodation to exhibition site.


  1. Please get approval from curatorial team BEFORE making any reservations.
  2. DO KEEP RECEIPTS and INVOICE for reimbursement.
  3. Visa, passport, application fee, and travel insurance are NOT included.


Arranged by exhibition organizer and executive, all participating artists will have individual accommodation and working space.

Supporting Staff:

Keelung City Cultural Affair Bureau will recruit volunteers who have English/Chinese speaking ability to support artists during the installation period.


The jury panel will consist of professionals from contemporary art, exhibition management, art, critics and art organization. The final selection will be announced online, and informed individually according to the exhibition schedule and budget.


Only online submission is accepted. Please submit the application and supporting material before 23 rd June 2017, 00:00 (GMT+8). For detail, please visit: https://keelungciao.tumblr.com

If you have any inquiries, please email: nightviewkeeung@gmail.com


Deadline of submission: 23 rd June 2017, 00:00 (GMT+8)

Final list announcement: 30 th June 2017

Artist arrival in Taiwan: 10 th September 2017

Installation Period: 10 th September to 4 th October (25 days in total)

Press conference: 5 th October 2017 (To be confirmed)

Opening: 6 th October 2017 (To be confirmed)

Exhibition Period: 6 th October 2017 – 5 th November 2017

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