Crowdfunding Campaign for Paris Based Sustainable Arts Space: Recup Paris


Recover, revive and repeat for creative urban development.

Urban development and regeneration is having a bright moment in Paris thanks to the development of Recup Paris. Turning derelict spaces in an old, disused military fort into a creative hub, Recup Paris is creating the bridge between art and sustainability. Recup Paris is a workshop and event space based at Fort d’Aubervilliers, an old military fortress located just outside Paris. Forgotten and ignored by mostfor the better half of a century, the historic site is a vast and mysterious wonderland of urbex discovery and it feels like being in another world entirely. In the spaces at the Fort, art is created by them and others, public events are hosted and ‘Fort experiences’ are organised to allow others to experience this place themselves.


“We believe that culture, creativity and the arts are capable of influencing our futures and help us imagine new and alternative responses to some of the world’s most pressing problems. We are inspired by how in cities like Amsterdam, Berlin, London and New York where disused areas have been revived and become hotspots for culture and creativity. Paris is the city of the arts and has an extremely rich cultural sector, yet the city is facing its own particular challenges, particularly in terms of rebuilding communities and urban regeneration. There is a real need in Paris for this at the moment,” say co-founders Dom Tappy and Thomas Winkel.

They have now launched a crowdfunding campaign to take their activities to the next level. The funding will allow them to expand the team, to finish the revival of a bordering (event) space, to upgrade the technical and safety features of the spaces, to acquire new tools and materials and to keep growing the community. Their ambition is to transform Fort d’ Aubervilliers further into a breeding-ground for artists, creatives, local businesses and to share this special place with the people of Aubervilliers, Paris and beyond.

Until December 17th, you can support Recup Paris in return for some exclusive art rewards and unique experiences at the Fort.

Campaign page:

For additional information about Recup Paris please visit their website ( and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

About Recup Paris
Recup Paris was founded in 2016 by Dom Tappy and Thomas Winkel. Tappy and Winkel have previously worked as intermediaries and advisors to governments, NGO’s and businesses. They have assisted in the development and implementation of sustainability strategies
now, all of their shared experience, along with plenty of blood, sweat and passion, is being put into the development of Recup Paris. Over the last six months, Tappy and Winkel have redeveloped the spaces, using almost exclusively abandoned materials they found on-site.

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