Open Call: 100 Colours of Culture -Tampere, Finland

100 Colours of Culture

Tampere, Finland

2017 August 17 – 20

Accessible Arts and Culture International is growing, international arts and culture movement that presents diversity in a new light. It is an international network build since 2009 and covers all continents. ACCAC Festival & Congress promotes the use of art and cultural participation to enhance wellbeing and focuses on improving the inclusion of people with disabilities in arts and culture.The second

The second full size ACCAC Festival & Congress next year in Tampere Finland is part of the official program for the centenary of Finland’s independence in 2017 and official program in Tampere City.

ACCAC Festival & Congress includes professional congress, art fair and official program. The congress highlights and issues are selected from the local environment; what are the main targets to develop in society. The art fair as a carnival brings together various culture programs and associations and offers a platform to easy access ongoing small performances. It is a forum for the childrens activities as well as seniors and programs with people with disabilities. The official program highlights professional artist groups internationally, integrated groups from theatre, music, visual arts, dance and circus.

100 Colours of Culture

ACCAC Festival & Congress is looking for unique and innovative artists and speakers, remarkable practices and experiences to develop the diversity in society and best practices on how the quality of services can improve social inclusion.


Open call is now available

The application form is found in ACCAC website. The deadline for applications is until December 15th. The selected performers and speakers will be announced soon after the deadline.

Apply on Website Now!

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