Stage Left Productions, Third Way Theatre and Chromatic Theatre invite diverse agents of change to join us in an innovative, 6-day training intensive in arts-based equity intervention.

August 1 – 6, 2016 - Calgary, AB Canada

$350 thereafter (sliding scale & barters are available)

The IN-Justice Equity Training Intensive offers a rare and dynamic opportunity to recharge our passions, increase our capacity and strengthen our resolve.

  • This one-time only, open registration intensive…

    Immerses participants in Theatre of the Oppressed methods, as a unique form of embodied learning and sharing – one that equalizes the power imbalances that often stymie cross-cultural collaboration.

  • Introduces a foundational equity framework that centers the bottom-up, earned knowledge of diverse peoples, results in a shared vocabulary and analysis, and offers up practical tools for confronting inequity.
  • Provides accessible, step-by-step instruction in many Theatre of the Oppressed methods, including Image & Forum Theatre, Cops in the Head and Rainbow of Desire.
  • Offers-up many practical applications on how to integrate Theatre of the Oppressed techniques and anti-oppressive practice into social justice initiatives.
  • Attends to internal and external oppressions, as well as individual agency and structural-level interventions.
  • Equips diverse agents of change to engage in intercultural solidarity, develop shared interests, and make collective impact.

For more information and to register, please visit:

This IN-Justice Equity Training is part of The Arts ExCHANGE Project. Arts ExCHANGE is a unique, cross-continental collaboration between Stage Left Productions (Canada) and Third Way Theatre (Australia): Two renown Theatre of the Oppressed companies founded and led by diverse women – who invite daring agents of change to go beyond the social justice status quo.

The Calgary intensive is proudly hosted The Calgary Congress for Equity & Diversity in the Arts and The University of Calgary’s School for Creative and Performing Arts.

We thank the Canada Council’s Equity Office and Calgary Arts Development for their support.

Yours in solidarity,
founder & Artistic Director
Stage Left Productions

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