Seeking: Lead Facilitators

Fee: $1000 flat

Timeline: August 2015 – March 2016 (a total of sixteen 3hr workshops, dates TBD)

Project Description

The Living Stage is a project first conceived by Australian eco-designer Tanja Beer, in which a community designs and grows an outdoor performance space that doubles as a community garden. NYC’s first Living Stage will be made over the course of August 2016-August 2017, when seniors and students of the Lower East Side will collaborate with permaculture and theater experts to create a recyclable, biodegradable, and edible performance space at the Meltzer Center in the Lower East Side. The stage will be inaugurated in August 2017 by performances of an original piece of eco-theater made by participants.

Part I: August 2016-March 2017

The project commences this summer with monthly workshops for seniors and elementary-aged students in the Lower East Side, focused on permaculture, landscape architecture, and theater-making. The intent of Part 1 is to build strong relationships with participants, forming a foundation of trust, positive engagement, and excitement for the project. During this period, participants will collectively envision the Living Stage, creating a shared public space to serve the needs and wants of the community.

Job Description

We are hiring two Lead Facilitator positions for this project: one facilitator will lead the senior group, and the other the youth group, but facilitators will assist each other. Workshops will occur approximately once a month for a total of 16 workshops between August 2016-March 2017 (8 workshops for the seniors and 8 for the youth). Both facilitators will attend all sessions.

We are seeking natural leaders who are passionate about community engagement, environment, and the arts and highly experienced in working with seniors and/or elementary-aged students.


Individuals hired must commit to leading one workshop each month from August 2016-March 2017, and assisting a second monthly workshop during the same time frame, for a total of 6 hours each month. Additionally, facilitators must attend three planning meetings with program directors; one in August ’16, one December ’16, and one in March ’17.

Some workshops will feature guest experts on topics such as permaculture, landscape architecture, and theatrical design; Lead Facilitators will be expected to communicate with these guest experts prior to their visit, and to assist them as needed during workshops.

Senior and youth participants will work independently for most workshop sessions, but come together at the last session to share their work with each other and look forward to Part 2 of the project.

There is no expectation of a commitment beyond March 2017, but individuals hired for Part 1 of the program may be invited to stay on as Lead Facilitators for Part 2 (April-July 2017), when participants will plant and grow both the flora of the Living Stage and an original performance. Please note that workshops may increase in frequency during Part 2.

If interested, please send a resume to Lani Fu,, by July 1, 2016. PDF format preferred. Select individuals will be contacted for an interview.

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