Support Blued Trees New Legal Initiatives!

From Friend of the CSPA Aviva Rahmani:

We are pleased to announce that on Earth Day, April 22, 2016, a series of new 1/3 mile measures of the Blued Trees Symphony will be created in Virginia and New Hampshire. We invite you to participate in the Blued Trees Symphony. Download the Blued Trees manual.

We are also thrilled to report that the Blued Trees Symphony has received a generous grant from the Ethelwyn Doolittle Justice and Outreach Fund from the Community Church of New York Unitarian Universalist. The $2,500 grant will be used to help support the legal work to protect the Blued Trees Symphony under threat of demolition, where people’s private land is being seized under eminent domain by fossil fuel corporations. Please make a contribution here that would go towards matching this grant, covering our legal costs.

The Blued Trees Symphony could help protect the planet from dangerous methane emissions by setting legal precedents with a network of connected art! Proliferating natural gas infrastructures across the United States (and globally) significantly contributes to climate change.

The Blued Trees Symphony is a new kind of art. It establishes a permanent
relationship between people, art and habitat. You can make a donationto support lead artist Aviva Rahmani and help cover the Blued Trees Symphony administration costs here: Support the Blued Trees Symphony!

The overture copyright was registered, but Spectra Energy destroyed it anyway. Now we want to hold them accountable with a new legal strategy. Your support for that legal framework would protect the Blued Trees Symphony from further destruction and hold Spectra Energy responsible for the damage they have already done.

Please give as generously as you can to win this fight. We believe that with your help, our creative approach, a celebration of beauty, trees and natural lands, we can prevail against toxic fossil fuel expansion and establish a new paradigm for our times.

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