Executive Director Search for Forecast Public Art

Forecast Public Art has seen the interest and involvement in public art grow dramatically since 1978. After 38 years as founder and Executive Director, Jack Becker will transition to Director of Community Services, following the hire of a new Executive Director this year to lead one of the nation’s top nonprofit organizations dedicated to promoting the field of public art.

Forecast’s Community Services team will grow its role of helping artists and communities bring meaningful public art projects to life, and the Artists Services program, as well as Public Art Review will continue to provide support and resources that strengthen and advance the field of public art locally, nationally, and internationally. Forecast ED Search Press Release

The Executive Director is responsible for oversight of Forecast Public Art’s activities and staff in support of its mission. The ED leads the organization’s plans to achieve financial and fundraising goals, serving as its primary fundraiser, guiding strategic programmatic decisions, and developing and implementing long-range strategies for the organization. The ED also oversees development of editorial content, marketing and publishing, of the award-winning print and online magazine, Public Art Review, the world’s leading publication devoted to contemporary public art.

For a complete job description: forecastpublicart.org.

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