H&G, a public outcry – a hysteric fun play about our imminent demise

sadkpap6aqjgk3acdpi6Wild Art is a firecracker new performance company based in Los Angeles.  Its inaugural production, H&G, a public outcry is a hysteric fun play about our imminent demise.  A hyperbolic performance about America’s blooming new fear of extreme weather caused by climate change, the audience is placed in the shoes of Hansel & Gretel to wander through a dreamlike, wild, and surprising journey from drought to flood. Playing at Paloma Street Studios, February 5 – 27, 2016.

Wild Art creates artistic projects that are relevant to NOW, charging people to examine and question the world we live in.  Our performances herald unfettered self expression and are daring, ambitious, visually striking, exciting and never without a sense of danger.

H&G, a public outcry

a hysteric fun play about our imminent demise

H&G, a public outcry is a hyperbolic participatory performance placing the audience in the shoes of Hansel & Gretel, to explore America’s new fear of extreme weather through a dreamlike, hysterical, surprising journey of survival from drought to flood. Poised in a poetic landscape, this powerful live-music performance relies on a distorted performance style filled with shadow imagery and song to express what cannot be put into words.  Drawing from the third worst drought in US history and Hurricane Sandy, source material includes Hansel and Gretel, newspaper articles, American folk and rock songs, and text generated by John Michael Johnson.

H&G, a public outcry Creative Team:
Produced and Created by Allison M Keating
Mother played by Lucille Duncan
Suburbanite by Craig Gibson
Father played by Murphy Martin
Guide by Lisa McNeely
Music Composition by Jonathan Becker
Puppet, Projection, and Poster Design by Hsuan-Kuang Hsieh
Set, Props and Light Design by Mark Kanieff
Musical Director and Sound Design by Jeronimo Rajchenberg
Produced by Nora DeVeau-Rosen

H&G, a public outcry was created through a series of workshops in The School of Theater at the California Institute of the Arts.

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