Ashden Directory receives the 2015 Nick Reeves AWEinspiring Award

We are honoured to announce that the Ashden Directory, Ashdenizen and Landings Stages have been awarded the 2015 Nick Reeves AWEinspiring Award for Arts, Water and the Environment.

The award is presented by the Arts and Environment Network of the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) in association with the Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World (CCANW).

The award celebrates projects that have contributed innovatively to CIWEM’s vision of ‘putting creativity at the heart of environmental policy and action.’

Each year, on the Directory and Ashdenizen, we looked forward to announcing the AWEinspiring winner, never expecting to be on the other side of the story. We have long appreciated the work of the late Nick Reeves, and the Arts and Environment strand of CIWEM, which has shown the way for other organisations to acknowledge and incorporate the arts in their thinking and in their work.

In making the award, CIWEM found that ‘the vision, intention and execution of the Directory has been far-reaching, and represents an impressively deep treatment of ecology in theatre and the performing arts over many years’.

We are very proud to be included in the company of past winners and would like to thank also the many artists and writers whose pioneering work has provided the inspiration for the Ashden Directory, Ashdenizen and Landing Stages.

warm regards

Wallace Heim, Robert Butler, Kellie Gutman and Eleanor Margolies

Landing Stages. Selections from the Ashden Directory 2000 – 2014, available as pdf on

There are hard copies of Landing Stages available. Please if you are interested in receiving a copy.

The Ashden Directory of Environment and Performance,



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