Apply now – MA in Ecology and Contemporary Performance application period is on January

“Metsäesitys”, Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki 2015. Photo: Antti Ahonen.

MA in Ecology and Contemporary Performance (MAECP) is a two-year pilot of a master’s degree programme, which studies questions in ecology and performance in the era of ecological crises through a multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach. It starts on August 2016 and admissions are held on spring 2016.

MAECP focuses on performance in the current era of ecological crisis. It investigates different forms of performance, their methodology and theoretical bases in the borderland of science and the arts. Its aim is to develop co-operation, interaction and methods of performance, as well as develop the foundation and practices of work that transcend the borders between art and science. In this manner it strives to respond to the challenges posed by the ecological crisis that will affect all species.

The structure of the program aims to enable collaboration and dialogue on various levels: between the students, between the students and the teachers/mentors, as well as between various degree programmes, academies and artistic and scientific communities. It also supports intensive and extensive collaboration and networking with artists and other professionals, both in Finland and abroad.

How to apply?

We are looking for 6 – 8 artists from all over the world, who are willing to undertake new research in the emerging and combined fields of ecology and contemporary performance.

Next application period is 8 January-27 January 2016.

Selection criteria:

MAECP homepage:

Application and admissions:

University of the Arts Helsinki

MAECP is a Helsinki-based master’s degree programme pilot. It is a part of University of the Arts Helsinki’s curriculum in 2016-2018.

This new university was launched in 2013 upon the merging of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Sibelius Academy, and Theatre Academy Helsinki. The university now comprises the three academies, which offer a lively and innovative platform for studying performing arts. Helsinki is a vibrant city with a large population of international students attending several local universities, and anincreasing population of economic migrants and refugees. Situated on the Baltic Sea, the city is surrounded by forests, islands, wetlands, fractal coastlines. English is now  widely spoken along with Finnish and Swedish, and several other languages.

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