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reCreate Featured Artist Veronica Cianfrano Artist Reception

Saturday December 19th, 4pm-6pm
Installation in Gallery Dec 2nd thru the 31st

Work by Veronica Cianfrano
work by Veronica CianfranoThe fear of forgetting and being forgotten is practically universal. I am interested in how contemporary communication and digital photography have altered our memories, social interactions, and psychology. I use this connecting thread of memory to establish an emotional connection to the viewer by incorporating objects and images that are loaded with nostalgia or sentimentality. Aesthetic references to memory, degradation, ephemera, and family photographs are common themes in my layered, multi-media works. As I often comment on the negative psychosocial impact of public, global, digital communication, I tend to create large-scale installations that encourage viewer interaction with the space and each other. It is my hope that these interactions help reinforce a physical and emotionally responsible connection to each other and the space around us.

Veronica Cianfrano is a multimedia artist who has been examining “the communication break down” through photographic images and memories of her familial ties and through our current reliance on digital communication.

work by Veronica Cianfrano Her work serves as a display for these vignettes of examination whether it be through memory decay, new meanings found in old footage, or the effects of the news media on our state of mind. Since receiving her MFA from the University of the Arts in 2010, Veronica Cianfrano has served as both Co-Founder and Curator for Manifesto-ish and Champions of Empty Rooms. She has also served as a Mentor and Teacher for pre-college and college level art students as well as professional artists.

Find out more about Veronica and her work on her website.

New Year’s Time Capsules with reCreate Featured Artist Veronica Cianfrano

Sunday, December 20th

work by Veronica Cianfrano

Come to The Resource Exchange to build your own time capsule with reCreate Featured Artist Veronica Cianfrano! Using scrap wood, paints, wallpaper, and more salvaged materials, participants will build and decorate their personalized time capsules. They could be filled with memorabilia that mark your personal timeline, traditional items that exemplify the here and now, or conceptual items that take a political stance or tell a specific story. During the workshop, Veronica will assist participants in finding the right materials in our store, building the personalized forms, planning for what goes inside, and preparing to seal them. After the workshop, participants will take their capsules home, fill them, seal them, and bury them in honor of the new year. Participants will be encouraged to document their process in photos and share them with Veronica, the re team, and each other.$5 workshop fee + the cost of supplies chosen by participants from our warehouse full of reclaimed and discounted making materials.

Space is limited, so please RSVP


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