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Echoing the COP21, COAL and lyric Gaîté invite 200 artists, professionals, scientists, thinkers and doers to imagine all other narratives and other perspectives to reinvent our worlds.

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Sunday, December 6

14.30 – The Arctic Is Paris, Carte blanche to Mel Chin and writer Gretel Ehrlich
Mel Chin, artist (USA), Gretel Ehrlich, writer (USA), Jens Danielsen and Mamarut Kristiansen, elite hunters of Greenland, representatives of Pacific islands, Nuuk an interpreter. Moderated by Neal Conan, journalist (NBA). ++

17.00 – Face to face with Lucy + Jorge Orta artists (ARG and UK),an internationally acclaimed duo for 25 years that explores the major concerns of the 21st century ++

12:00 to 7:00 p.m. Performance Bureau of Linguistical Reality
Heidi Quante Escott and Alicia (USA), work on the words to facilitate cultural change around climate change. ++

Tuesday, December 8th

14.30 – Face to face with the artist Stefan Shankland (FR).
Artist winner COAL Art & Environment Prize 2011, which conducts art projects integrated with the transformation process at work in urban settings, industrial and natural. ++

15.30 – Introduction to survival in the global brain.
With Gwenola Wagon and Stéphane Degoutin, artists, researchers and directors of the film essay World Brain (FR), Pierre Cassou-Nogues, philosopher and writer (FR), Julien Imbert, graphic designer (FR), Emmanuel Ferrand, mathematician (FR). ++

18h – Screening of “World Brain”
In partnership with Arte. ++

Wednesday, December 9

14.30 – The race for technological innovation
With Renewable Futures, Rasa Smite and Raitis, artists and co-founders of RIXC (LVA), Cédric Carles and the Paleo-Energy Laboratory (FR), Yacine Ait Kaci, artist (FR), Kevin Anderson, Director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research (UK), Alice Bowes researcher (UK). Moderated by Andrew Simms, writer and co-founder of the New Weather Institute (UK). ++

17h – Face to face with Shaun Gladwell, artist (AUS).
Finalist prices COAL Art & Environment 2015 for its Climate Change Hip Hop opera project, Shaun Gladwell puts dialogue magnitude of natural phenomena and the practice of extreme sports. ++

Thursday, December 10

14h – Language as a battlefield
Nathalie Blanc, researcher and artist, and David Christoffel, writer (FR), Heidi Quante and Alicia Escott Bureau of Linguistical Reality, artists (USA), Magali Daniaux & Cédric Pigot, artists, (FR), Led by Shannon Jackson, Director of the Research Centre for Arts Berkeley University (USA). ++

17.00 – Face to face with Anaïs Clipper, artist (FR).
Fed literature, scientific experiments in laboratories or historical research, the mise-en-narratives take shape from shipping in areas on the border of reality and asks another habitable earth. ++

Friday, December 11

15h – Rebuilding common
Jeremy Leggett, scientist and activist (UK), Michael Pinsky, artist (UK), Akootchook Allison Warden, representative activist Alaskan Native (USA), Beka Economopoulos, activist, founder of Not an alternative (USA), Juan Carlos Sanchez, a former member of the IPCC and Nobel Peace Prize (VEN). Led by Patrick Degeorges, Philosopher, Special Adviser to the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy (FR). ++

6:00 p.m. Closing Ceremony of ArtCOP21

See until December 7
Ackroyd & Harvey,
The tree ceremony

In continuation of the work of the 7000 oaks Joseph Beuys, the artist duo Ackroyd & Harvey realizes the monumental installation of a majestic oak in front of a live grass drapery to celebrate the role of trees in the adapting cities to climate change. A COAL event – the National Museum of Natural History, Au Jardin des Plantes +



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