Call for Designers: Intervening in the Anthropo(s)cene: Probes_Actions_Encounters


(architects, artists, theorists, scenographers etc.)

Preamble Tasmanian climes before attending the PSI#22 Conference in Melbourne 2016

As a global warm-up to PSi#22 Performance Climates, 6-9 July 2016, at the University of Melbourne, the PSi Performance+Design working group (PSi_P+DWG) are organizing a 5-day international symposium/workshop in Tasmania, hosted by UTAS Creative Exchange Institute, June 29th – 3rd July: arriving in Hobart 28th and departing 4th July.

Intervening in the Anthropo(s)cene:


We are inviting expressions of interest through a 250 word bio encapsulating researcher background and research focus as well as a 250 word proposal for probes, projects, praxis sessions and provocations to the theme and detailing outlined below. All proposals will be peer reviewed and should be submitted via email to conveners: Dorita Hannah ( and Beth Weinstein ( by 15 December 2015.


  • How can art, design and events contribute to redrawing maps differently to represent comings and goings, meetings and partings, in order register essential actions that incubate sociality?
  • How can we delicately probe environments in order to dislocate and then relocate our thinking about location? And how can we probe climes to critically recalibrate tempo and tempus?
  • How can we free our senses to occupy landscapes differently, not as distanced passive spectators but as immersed mobile bodies, creatively endowing our inherited environments and despoiled shores to uncover more transversal dialogues and meaning?

The objective is to explore and propose more meaningful understandings of landscapes – too often presented as distanced, picturesque and apolitical – as harbouring profoundly sonic, tactile, redolent and flavourful qualities. However, while they resonate with their own ancient spatiotemporal qualities, landscapes are more and more affected by recent histories to a point where human activities are now significantly impacting on the Earth’s ecosystems. This topical notion of the anthropocene requires we participate through greater immersive and sensory engagement with our natural environment rather than via the spectacle of a distanced vista: mindful of the part we play within the multiple and fragile ecologies of our lived world: minimizing the binary opposition between nature and culture and acknowledging that landscapes are a fabricated environments and significant public space. The fleeting event becomes a research tool for testing potential engagements between technology and geography, data and substance, intellect and perception, art events and the landscape as an event. This gathering adopts a tangential and critical approach to design by regarding the landscape as gallery, laboratory, and collaborator, thereby undertaking a form of creative acupuncture as performative intervention.

Outcomes of this collaborative event will be performatively shared at PSi#22 during the Performance+Design working group session.  At PSi#22 we will also hold a PSi_P+DWG meeting to brainstorm future events, research, projects, and platform (physical and virtual) to support a dynamic working group.

We encourage symposium participants to also submit papers for presentations to PSi#22.

Please join PSi to submit your paper for the PSi#22 conference.

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