“New World” : An Act of Artistic Awareness | Alexis Tricoire Solutions for #Cop21 | Grand Palais #artcop21

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Alexis Tricoire – think back over the past ten years the role of nature in our society, on behalf of international institutions and companies. His view of nature, truly innovative and committed, always has the desire to raise awareness to respect for the environment.  He is recognized internationally for his stagings of vegetation, spectacular and unprecedented, lasting or ephemeral. Such as the park of Versailles Palace, the National Museum of Natural History, the Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development, the EDF Foundation, the SNCF, the City of Fashion and Design, the Musée en Herbe, the Maréchalerie, D’Days, the Paris Design Week …

Located at the entrance of the Grand Palais, NEW WORLD presents itself as a “lock” Home Visitor Solutions COP21. This multi-sensory hut of 20 m2 over 6 meters high invites a powerful and moving experience, with the screening of a film made from NASA scientific data.  The artist calls us to build a NEW WORLD, where the preservation of natural resources is the basis of all action.

This Project is based on two solutions proposed by its partners facing climate change

ARCHITECTURE CERTIFIED WOOD PEFC – An organization that promotes the sustainable management of the forest. First source of certified wood in France and in the world (40 countries, 268 million hectares of certified forests), PEFC ensures the maintenance of wooded forest condition so that they play their role of CO2 sensor while ensuring a balance between the three functions of forests (economic, environmental and social).

COVER PLANT CONSISTS OF A THOUSAND PLANTS, MADE WITH SOPREMA, which, for 20 years, shows that the architecture related to vegetation, contributes to the necessary refresh cities, insulation of buildings, while bringing the urban nature.  A public sale of the plant will be organized at the end of the event the benefit of a support association for the preservation of the Amazon forest.

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