Blued Trees Emergency Crowdfunder! #artcop21 #cop21

Nine people were arrested trying to protect the land under the Blued Trees Overture from pipeline corporations because they know that fossil fuels and “natural gas” are destroying the earth. Spectra Energy, developer of the Algonquin Incremental Market (AIM) pipeline expansion, is ignoring our cease and desist notification issued to protect the copyrighted Blued Trees Overture which had been lovingly and joyously created during the 2015 Summer Solstice by 20 men, women and children. Other folks taking part in the Blued Trees project are at various stages of painting at nine sites around the nation. This fundraiser would help pay for the legal research umbrella for all the sites and protect them from unconscionable eminent domain takings.

Blued Trees is on the frontline, demanding that eminent domain be reserved for the public good, not private profit! Our historic legal strategy aims to protect ALL the Blued Trees sites. We urgently need to raise $5,000 so our legal team can continue this new stage of its critical work.

The future of this unique, innovative legal challenge to corporate control of our communities depends on the commitment of people like you, who love nature and art. 

We really, really need you. Please visit the crowdfunding site by clicking here: Blued Trees Defense 2. Give as generously as you possibly can and help make history!

Please donate, and share this appeal now with everyone you know who is aware that our fight for the planet is going to come down to something new and untried, because the same old stuff does not work when we’re fighting the most powerful, wealthy corporations and their captured policymakers.

For a story about what’s currently happening at the site where the Blued Trees Overture is located, please visit the following link:

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