From Eco-Art to Biopolitical Struggle on the Eve of COP21 – The Brooklyn Rail #artcop #cop21

Here is an interesting read on ArtCOP from the Brooklyn Rail by Yates McKee:

The timing of this questionnaire is canny. It appears at a moment in which we are witnessing the daily intensification of climate crisis, the strengthening of the climate justice movement, and the radicalization of artists in the orbit of insurgent political formations over the past few years including Occupy, Rising Tide North America, and Black Lives Matter. In just a few weeks, thousands of activists will descend upon the streets of Paris to antagonistically highlight the limitations of the UN’s COP21 and advance visions of what Naomi Klein calls a “just transition” from carbon-fueled capitalist growth to a planetary commons for all informed by principles of racial justice and climate reparations. Artists will have substantial presence in these mobilizations, ranging from the neo-Situationist street tactics of Climate Games to the launch of a new coalition that includes the Natural History Museum and Liberate Tate targeting art institutions as sites for an emerging “cultural divestment” front, which in tandem with the broader fossil-fuels divestment movement recently made inroads with universities, churches, and municipalities.

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IMAGE: Climate Games, preparatory sketch of Tools for Action deployment at COP21 Summit, Paris, December 2015 (image courtesy of Climate Games)

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